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Dearest Readers:

Yesterday was truly a day where my normal cool, calm and collective persona almost exploded. The morning started with another complaint to AT&T to let them know the scheduled technician never arrived on the evening of April 16. Of course, they suggested rescheduling…I blew a fuse. To make a most frustrating day complete, I reluctantly agreed to a 12-4pm schedule, letting the customer service person know IF they did not show this time, there definitely would not be another time and I would cancel my service with the wonderful (???) AT&T. Let’s just say, all Hell broke loose when I was driving and answered the cell phone. I was told by the service tech assigned that I needed to recall and request a service technician since I did not have service thru UVerse. That was news to me!!!

Arriving home from my errands, I phoned AT&T again. The customer service rep assured me that I DID have Uverse and the tech must be a bit confused. Duh! Ya think!!!

Again, the tech was rescheduled. I phoned my husband, almost pleading for him to come home to take care of these people/situation. Long story short — the tech arrived a little after one. He did not leave until about 4pm. Apparently the lines were needing replacing, rewiring…or something and we needed a new modem. Duh again…that is what we requested previously…I suppose those techs simply thought I was a dumb blonde and they could B-S their way with me. This time…I was ready. I spoke to the tech and allowed my husband to supervise.

So far, the phone is working…the modem has all of the green lights working which it did not have prior. The computer is moving faster and I am not getting those “This page can not be displayed,” messages anymore.

So, to bottom line this story — if you have AT&T — and you are having UVerse difficulties, just let your — excuse the expression — bitchy ways kick in. No more Ms. Nice Lady for me with AT&T. I can assert myself, and they do not want to mess with me anymore! Isn’t it sad that in America we still must tolerate customer service reps who do not believe, or understand what a woman communicates. If I heard, “I understand your frustration,” once — I must’ve heard it a thousand times while on the phone with them. I have their names, but I’ll keep those names to myself!

How I hope AT&T learned something yesterday! Now, let us pray I’ll not have anymore difficulties with my telephone system.

Makes me wonder — does AT&T really train their ‘service technicians?’ I still have my doubts, but I pray this scenario is over, done and will never occur again! I don’t like being a bitch, but I certainly know how to when necessary, and I can be kissy sweet, but oh so persuasive. Lesson learned — don’t mess with a Steel Magnolia!

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