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Living Life in the Country As A Writer, Photographer

Although the date of this editorial is April 23, 2013, my heart still breaks for the tragedies at the Boston Marathon. When I heard the dreadful news my response was, “Who could do this? Is it another terrorist attack?”

I suppose everyone in America thinks similar thoughts since September 11, 2001. Nothing in my lifetime has touched (and scared) me so much since that tragic date. Now, in 2013, we have grown accustomed to being searched at sports, music, and other events. Never do I question why I am being searched — it is now the American way of life. No, I don’t like it, but if it helps to preserve our safety, then by all means – search me. I think the Boston Marathon has changed things — again.

Last Friday, I had the TV on, listening to it barely while writing. When the Breaking News interrupted, announcing that the City of Boston was in lockdown mode, my heart raced while thinking of the people I met while visiting Boston many years ago. How must they feel? I imagine they were horrified. Just how do you entertain children when they are told that they cannot go outside, or to school. I suppose with this scenario, the only way to entertain them is to allow them to play games with phones, Ipods, computers and other technical devices, with exception of the television. Many local channels were broadcasting the events as they flowed into the television screens. Just how do you convince children that they are safe in the City of Boston with police cars rushing by, barricades. home searches, and lockdowns?

I’ve never experienced such. The only time I was told to stay in my home was during a hurricane, after I decided not to fight the parking lot of traffic along the highways of Charleston, SC.

I confess, I was glued to the television now. At first, I watched Fox News, but when they continued to speculate and broadcast personal opinions, I changed the channel to MSNBC. While watching I wondered just when a movie about the events would be written and I imagine that would be really soon – but that is my personal opinion as an aspiring screenwriter.

When my husband arrived home from work, I asked him if he heard the news about the Boston Marathon and the lockdown of the City of Boston. He was in meetings most of the day, so he wasn’t aware. As he listened to the news, he asked questions about the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev (deceased) and his younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I shared the information while still listening to the news.

Later, that night, while singing at karaoke, the news broadcast reported Dzhokhar, suspect #2, was in custody. Before singing, I announced it to the crowd. Everyone applauded.

What a relief, especially for the residents of Boston and Watertown, Massachusetts.

Now, we in America are forming our opinions. I’ve heard many horrible comments about what should be done to Dzhokhar as he fights for his life. Reportedly, he has a gun shot wound in the throat and has lost a lot of blood, so his condition was serious. I haven’t checked on his condition today. I have heard reports on Good Morning America that he is answering questions by writing his response. Let us hope he is answering these questions truthfully, sharing the information that is so needed to help officials build the case for his trial. His mother stated that her children would never do this, and so on…she knows her children and they would never do this. Perhaps she KNEW her children; however, one was 26-years-old, the other 19. Let’s face it, we can teach our children to be good and to have respectful values; however, once they leave home and socialize with others, who knows what will happen to them???

Personally, I do hope that if he is found guilty, and I fully believe, according to the evidence on video and the evidence collected in his dorm room, etc. he will be found guilty. I hope they will prosecute him with the death penalty.

No, I do not wish death on anyone, although in this case, he took the lives of three innocent victims, including the life of a precious eight-year-old child. I cannot help wondering why our world has become such a violent world, filled with terrorism. To the people who thought that terrorism would end with the death of Osama bin Laden, I say, I fully believe terrorism is in America, and all over the world. The death of one terrorist only leads to others becoming active. It is so sad, and horrifying.

America, I encourage all of us to be pro-active. If you see someone place a bag, suitcase, or any object down and walk away, please SAY SOMETHING. There have been several times I have seen someone drop their luggage while waiting for their next flight, only to walk away. Quickly, I approached these people, reminding them they cannot leave their luggage. Their reply, “I’m only going to the restroom.” I smile, and respond, “Take your luggage with you.”

I probably don’t wish to know what they think as they take their luggage. It doesn’t matter. We must speak up to protect our nation and ourselves. We cannot be shy about this. We must speak up!

To the City of Boston, I congratulate all of the officials, public servants and professionals, who worked so hard to capture the suspected terrorists while working so hard to protect all of the residents. You truly made America proud — BOSTON STRONG!!!


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