What Is An Animal Communicator

Six weeks ago a new foster baby was brought into our home…a frightened, sandy blonde and cream-colored mini-Schnauzer, Maltese mix named Cletus. Riding home in the car with my friend, Lyn, another foster parent, I held little Cleet…Cleet in my lap. Each time I touched him, he cringed. He would not look at me. HisContinue reading “What Is An Animal Communicator”

Happy Thanksgiving to the United States of America, 2012

Gobble. Gobble. We awoke to a beautiful morning. Warming the oven, we pop the turkey in, ready and excited to make our delicious Thanksgiving meal. Thanksgiving has been a tradition in America since the pilgrims. Just imagine cooking that delicious meal the way the pilgrims cooked. No microwave. No conventional ovens. No electric ovens. EverythingContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving to the United States of America, 2012”

Mammogram 101

I suppose this is an article for women only; after all, I don’t think men would appreciate the subject matter. Here goes. Have you ever had a mammogram? During the month of October, I scheduled my yearly mammogram. Since I do monthly breast exams, I wasn’t afraid. Nothing was different so I was confident thatContinue reading “Mammogram 101”

Cletus Is Home

One week ago today, we were blessed with the exciting news that little Cletus “Little Cleet…Cleet” has been found!  With each day, we have watched him grow. His belly is not as emaciated as he was last week and he eats willingly, without hovering down from fear. On many occasions, I have seen his dockedContinue reading “Cletus Is Home”

Veterans Day in America

Today is Veterans Day. A day to give thanks to all who have served in the United States Armed Forces. A day for America to SALUTE our Veterans! As the proud wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I confess — veterans hold a most special place in my heart. While traveling to areas I write about,Continue reading “Veterans Day in America”

November 6, 2012 — Election Day in America Please Vote!

We are only hours away from Election Day in America. As a woman, I sincerely take my right and privilege to vote as something serious. While I will not say what party I am — neither a Democrat, nor a Republican — I have voted every election since I was eighteen years of age. WhenContinue reading “November 6, 2012 — Election Day in America Please Vote!”