To All Concerned About Hurricane Irma

Dearest Readers: In a few minutes, I will tuck my animals to bed and I will slip into my bed to rest after a fitful night of tossing and turning last night. I found it difficult to sleep. Worrying about strangers desperate to get out of Florida and the traffic congestion created due to aContinue reading “To All Concerned About Hurricane Irma”

My Dearest Sir Shakespeare Hemingway

Dearest Readers: Today is Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Exactly three weeks ago today, my husband and I made the decision to let our precious almost 14-year-old mini schnauzer leave us to go home to Heaven. How I miss that precious little boy. He was my friend. My dearest and most trusting friend. Shakespeare joined ourContinue reading “My Dearest Sir Shakespeare Hemingway”

Learning To Walk Through Grief

Dearest Readers: Exactly two weeks ago today, I had to say goodbye to sweet, precious almost 14-year-old Sir Shakespeare Hemingway. While writing this, tears gush from my eyes. How I miss that precious little mini-schnauzer, my best friend who loved for me to rub his ears. If you’ve never had to make the decision toContinue reading “Learning To Walk Through Grief”

Welcome Home — Vietnam Veterans Day

Dearest Readers: Did you know March 29, 2015 was Vietnam Veterans Day??? What?!??? You did not know? Why didn’t the news media share this information? Good question which I do not have the answer! I confess, I have a special place, bonded tightly within my heart for Vietnam Veterans; after all, my husband is aContinue reading “Welcome Home — Vietnam Veterans Day”

Remodeling 101 — A New Kitchen

Dearest Readers: Below is a story written in 2007 when our household decided to remodel our kitchen. Enjoy! TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2007 Remodeling 101 – KITCHEN FACELIFT The Saga of Remodeling a Kitchen, and a Marriage For many years I’ve dreamed of a modern kitchen, filled with contemporary, custom-made cabinets with plenty of storage space,Continue reading “Remodeling 101 — A New Kitchen”

Happy Birthday to the Perkins Twins

Dearest Readers: Today is a special, melancholic day for me. On this date — 100 years ago – December 19, 1914 – my dad and his identical twin brother, Lewis, were born. Before Uncle Lewis’ death in September, 1941 from Bright’s disease, they were known withini the State of Alabama as The Perkins Twins. TogetherContinue reading “Happy Birthday to the Perkins Twins”

My Thoughts On Friendship

Dearest Readers: Normally if I write in my blog on Thursday’s I write about my weekly accomplishments with Weight Watchers. Today’s discussion will be about the touchy, sometimes controversial subject of friendship. While at Weight Watchers today, the subject of friendship entered my mind. Why? Simple. I do not have many “friends.” Did you noticeContinue reading “My Thoughts On Friendship”

Chattahoochee Child — Saga Continues…

Chattahoochee Child Barbie Perkins-Cooper Copyright 2014 Walking around the flower displays at the exhibit hall of the Coastal Carolina Fair, I inhaled the aromatic smells of pale orange roses. Garrett touched a rose petal. I tapped his hand. “You aren’t supposed to touch them,” I scolded. He laughed, stepping back. “Coral roses are my favorites,”Continue reading “Chattahoochee Child — Saga Continues…”

To Dream — One Must Sleep — Something I Battle Nightly

Dearest Readers: Have you missed me? I’ve certainly missed the opportunity to sit down at my desk, glue my butt to the chair and write. I’ve had so many unexpected interruptions and demands I’ve actually wished to run away from myself. Life demands is what I call them. The City of Charleston, SC has hadContinue reading “To Dream — One Must Sleep — Something I Battle Nightly”

Reminiscing on July 6 of Each Year…

Dearest Readers: July 6 is always a day to remember for me. Why? Allow me to explain. During the stressful days of my dad’s terminal illness with esophageal cancer during December 1997 until his death on July 6, 1999, I have felt such a loss. I’ve had people tell me I need to move on.Continue reading “Reminiscing on July 6 of Each Year…”