Coronavirus – Let Us All Be Wise

By now, I suppose you’ve heard about the coronavirus? Believe me, it is a hot topic, especially on social media. Here’s a warning – please do not believe the information/news on social media, or the Internet. Just because a link pulls up for you to read doesn’t mean it is true. Have you heard the expression “Fake News?”

Losing Weight, the Weight Watchers Way

Dearest Readers: If  you read my posts on a regular basis, you might recognize I haven’t written much lately about losing weight. Why? That’s an easy question to answer. I have been stuck in a plateau — for 12 months, bouncing back and forth, trapped inside a spinning wheel, my body refused to drop belowContinue reading “Losing Weight, the Weight Watchers Way”

Doctor’s Scales vs. Weight Watchers Scales — WHICH One Is Correct???

Dearest Readers: I hope you are doing well, enjoying the weekend. My plans for this morning were to go outside early and walk my silly children. Unfortunately, it is an overcasting morning with rain in the forecast, so the plans changed. I will play with my children, and hop on the treadmill instead. If IContinue reading “Doctor’s Scales vs. Weight Watchers Scales — WHICH One Is Correct???”

Diet Is A “Four Letter Word”

Dearest Readers: If you are reading my posts lately, you will note I have written about Domestic Abuse, Weight Loss, and other topics. Yesterday, while at my Weight Watchers meeting, we discussed the cliché, ‘If I had known then what I know now,’ and other topics, including the word — dare I say it —Continue reading “Diet Is A “Four Letter Word””

My Eyes Have It — FINALLY!

Dearest Readers: To those who contacted me via e-mail, inquiring about the saga with my eyes and contacts, I’d like to thank you for your concern. I am happy to report when I went to the ophthalmologist in late May, I saw a different doctor. Seems my doctor moved to another practice, so I sawContinue reading “My Eyes Have It — FINALLY!”

In Memory of a Friend…

Today is Monday, another beautiful day of life to enjoy and make the most of our day. After I awaken, let the pups out and pour a cup of coffee, I hop on the computer, to hear the latest news in the world, then I click on Facebook. Reading a few posts on Facebook, IContinue reading “In Memory of a Friend…”

Caregiving in America

PARENT TO PARENT…CARE GIVING IN AMERICA by Barbie Perkins-Cooper During the holidays of 1997, my life was extremely busy until a shocking reality forced me to readjust my schedule, to make time for a new, unsuspecting emergency when my father needed me the most, during his illness. I was stepping into a new chapter ofContinue reading “Caregiving in America”

The Eyes Have It – Contacts, Eye Infections, Losing Sight

Dearest Readers: It is a late and wet morning for me within the City of Charleston, SC. Originally, my plans for today were to walk the dogs, afterward, I planned to walk the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge. The dampness of such a wet day has dictated that I cannot honor my plans. Deciding it isContinue reading “The Eyes Have It – Contacts, Eye Infections, Losing Sight”

Through the Eyes of Love

To those who read my blog on a regular basis, you will know what an advocate I am for animals, especially Schnauzers. This week has taught me how blessed I am to have such kind and loving animals. My oldest mini-Schnauzer is not a rescue. We adopted him from friends who had a pregnant schnauzer readyContinue reading “Through the Eyes of Love”

Mammogram 101

I suppose this is an article for women only; after all, I don’t think men would appreciate the subject matter. Here goes. Have you ever had a mammogram? During the month of October, I scheduled my yearly mammogram. Since I do monthly breast exams, I wasn’t afraid. Nothing was different so I was confident thatContinue reading “Mammogram 101”