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Dearest Readers:

If you are reading my posts lately, you will note I have written about Domestic Abuse, Weight Loss, and other topics. Yesterday, while at my Weight Watchers meeting, we discussed the cliché, ‘If I had known then what I know now,’ and other topics, including the word — dare I say it — “Diet.”

One of my weight watchers friends sitting behind me shared the interesting expression “Diet is a four letter word!” Such a great title for a post about weight loss. As you know, dearest readers, I have been bouncing back and forth with a yo-yo effect with Weight Watchers; nevertheless, I have determination in my backbone and although I struggle, I am continuing the pursuit. Why? Many of my friends have expressed that question — one stating that if she continued to bounce back and forth like I have, she would simply quit. I must be strong. I cannot allow negative comments to influence me. Besides, even when I am a yo-yo, I am losing inches. I work out regularly and need to do it daily – instead of ‘when I feel like it.’ I need to simply get off of my butt and move. My treadmill has become a great friend. A 1998 model, almost an antique, compared to the latest and greatest treadmills, I enjoy getting on it and moving. Originally purchased weeks after my husband’s quadruple bypass, for years it served as a cluttered piece of equipment to rest clothing that I did not dry in the dryer. My husband has used it — maybe twice! My mini-schnauzer “Hanks the Tank” likes to walk on it and sometimes I have to almost fight with him to use it. Just how can a small animal intimidate and demand to use the treadmill? Today, I will increase my treadmill time to 45 minutes. Yes, at first, it is a bit boring to get on it and move, but this I do for me, so I shall continue.

If you have never gone to a Weight Watchers meeting, you might consider attending. Yes, it is intimidating but oh, so rewarding. I cannot wait until I hit goal. No, I haven’t established a goal with a leader yet. I have a number in my head, but before I express a goal weight I want to check with my doctor. The number I have dancing inside my circular thinking brain is a number that will make me weigh less than I did in high school. I really do not care how long it takes to accomplish that bloody number, but I do look forward to the date and time I hit it! My main concern is once I hit this number — is it a number that will be easy to maintain? Perhaps it will, perhaps not…but I have an unpublished number inside my dancing head!

At Weight Watchers, we do not say we are on a diet, or we ‘are dieting…’ Weight Watchers is a work-in-progress…a portion control way of life…and a lifestyle change. For me, I like to say it is a lifestyle change…a healthier, simpler way to eat, move and maintain. Who cares if it takes me FOREVER to reach my magic number…I am certain I am achieving it. I eat healthier now. More fruits. More fruits than I’ve EVER eaten in my life! Slowly, I am teaching my husband to try new things. He is from the old school — that ‘damned ‘good ole boy’ syndrome…and I do my best to open his eyes to change. As you probably know, ‘good ole boys’ do not like change. They believe in the silly philosophy of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ When I started making salads, adding fresh fruits and almonds, my husband thought I was nuts. Well, if you know me, you probably recognize that I am opinionated, but open to change. My husband is not. He refused to eat the salads, and other foods I have served. Again, he is of the mind-set that fruits and vegetables don’t mix. And don’t even suggest yogurt to him! If only he knew!!!

Enough about my husband…aka, the good ole boy…macho man!

In my next life, there will not be a good ole boy…simply a woman with ‘a mind of her own…’ Whatever that means…and that is how Phil describes me….”Barbie is a woman with a mind of her own!”

What??? Am I not supposed to have a mind?

If diet is a four letter word, it isn’t a good one. What is so great about Weight Watchers is the fact that all of us are in this together. We share our lifestyles, experiences, set backs, discoveries, recipes, and successes! I am so proud when I see someone called to the front of the meeting to share her lifetime membership status. I look forward to when I achieve goal and stand before those who first saw me entering Weight Watchers on my first date. Yes, it will be a celebration, but a good one!

This week I did not lose. I gained .04 of a pound. It was a tough week for me, starting with my birthday. Although I did not eat birthday cake, I allowed my birthday to depress me. I had a multitude of stress last week — starting with car problems, then the purchase of three expensive tires for my car, and it seems I had to stand in line everywhere I went. Two days before my birthday I had to renew my driver’s license. I confess. I never take a good picture and most of my driver’s license could be a mug shot — if ever the need arises. I waited in lines at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, in anticipation of the dreaded photograph. Much to my surprise, this time, the gentleman operating the camera asked, “Are you ready?” I looked at him, turned into the position that I have a chance of a better photograph and I asked, “May I smile?” He replied, “Just tell me when you’re ready.”

I inhaled. Licked my lips, smiled and nodded to him. “OK.”

About five minutes later, he handed my driver’s license to me. No mug shot! My eyes were bright. Clothing tropical and my face held a smile! “Nice shot,” I thought. “Is this really me now? No balloon face?”

All to the credit of Weight Watchers!

Thank you Weight Watchers — for the courage you’ve given me. The pride. Determination. A more slender face….Is this really me?

And that is why I yo-yo at Weight Watchers — simply because I know — It works. Weight Watchers…This I do for ME!

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