Walmart Strikes Again…

Dearest Readers: With all that is happening within our communities, nation and the world, I had an experience with our local Walmart that really annoyed me! My husband and I drove to Walmart to get sanitizing items. I stopped one of the managers, and I describe him as a sorry manager at that! I askedContinue reading “Walmart Strikes Again…”

Fitbit Wrist Bands – So Defective!

Dearest Readers: I suppose today is a good day to complain about Fitbit. Why? Simple. Their wrist bands and other items to hold or wear the activity trackers do not hold up! The quality of the bands is cheap – to say the least, and when I phoned Fitbit to complain, I spoke to aContinue reading “Fitbit Wrist Bands – So Defective!”

Just What Does Triple Mean To A Walmart Sales Associate?

Dearest Readers: Interesting thing happened yesterday at Wal Mart. The sales associate working the register was slower than a snail. It took her the bulk of five minutes (at least) just to change the register tape. After we stood in the line for a LONG…LONG time, she began to ring up our purchases. I, veryContinue reading “Just What Does Triple Mean To A Walmart Sales Associate?”

Sears and Their Philosophy on Customer Service…

Dearest Readers: Joy…Oh JOY! It has been three weeks in this household without a working, dependable washing machine. YES, it’s a Kenmore…LG product from Sears = DEFINITELY MY MISTAKE FOR BUYING FROM SEARS. The second time for them to return to repair the machine is this Tuesday, December 9! The first scheduled for THIS CASEContinue reading “Sears and Their Philosophy on Customer Service…”

Definitely NOT A Friday Reflection – Sears, Kenmore and HERE WE GO AGAIN…

Dearest Readers: Yes, I understand – today is Saturday, not a Friday reflection. I had every intention to write a Friday reflection yesterday, before all H— broke loose. Allow me to explain. I awoke dreading the day due to another battle with insomnia. I do believe insomnia won this week. Almost every hour I haveContinue reading “Definitely NOT A Friday Reflection – Sears, Kenmore and HERE WE GO AGAIN…”

Whatever Happened To Customer Service In America???

Dearest Readers: Today is Sunday, November 02, 2014, a beautiful, but chilly day in Charleston, SC. Undoubtedly, this week has been a week filled with much stress, starting with last Sunday. Late that afternoon, I drove my car to dinner with my husband; I heard a distinctive ‘ding’ noticing my engine light was on. “OhContinue reading “Whatever Happened To Customer Service In America???”

Sears Continues To Call — Renewal of Warranty???

Dearest Readers: Those of you who read my posts on a regular basis will recall the saga of my Sears issues…remember the issues I had with getting my washing machine repaired. It took over three weeks — almost two weeks JUST to get a technician out to check it to determine I needed a computerContinue reading “Sears Continues To Call — Renewal of Warranty???”

Undoubtedly, the Week From Hell…

Dearest Readers: Undoubtedly, this has been the week from Hell for me, starting with my washing machine breaking last week, unable to get customer service from Sears in a timely manner – that is, until the ‘two B’s in my name’ were revealed. Isn’t it shameful that in the United State of America customer serviceContinue reading “Undoubtedly, the Week From Hell…”

The Saga of Laundry Day at Sears…

Making certain I am posting this on my site, and not Sears. After I posted on their site, they responded — almost immediately — giving me a case number, saying someone would get back with me and they reprimanded me a bit. Oh well. I shall be nice! Yes, I received a phone call aboutContinue reading “The Saga of Laundry Day at Sears…”

Don’t Buy Appliances From Sears!!!!!!!

Dearest Readers: Yes, I need to vent — BEFORE I EXPLODE! My washing machine is a Kenmore front loader. Today, it is not working at all. No power, cannot do diagnostic testing — like THEY suggested because — duh! There isn’t any power. When I phoned the service department I was told the earliest theyContinue reading “Don’t Buy Appliances From Sears!!!!!!!”