When Customer Service Makes Your Day

Dearest Readers: After my last post, maybe I should write an update. Yesterday was a bad day for me…one where I wanted to simply crawl into the woodwork and NEVER come out. Today, I am happy to report is a good day. At least it has started off better. Yesterday, I had one of myContinue reading “When Customer Service Makes Your Day”

AT&T — Another No Show!!!

I suppose all of my FB friends are curious as to what happened during the ‘scheduled appointment with AT&T’ yesterday. I reported ‘the technician is scheduled to arrive between 4pm – 8pm,’ according to the text sent to my cell phone at 9:02am yesterday… Well, the plot thickens. We waited from 4-8pm… I had aContinue reading “AT&T — Another No Show!!!”


Hello, Readers: Yes, it is me. Barbie Perkins-Cooper –once again stepping into the shoes of Julia Sugarbaker to inform my reading public about AT&T UVerse! IF you are even considering ‘hooking up’ with AT&T for ‘bundling’ or UVerse think twice. I have been on the phone with them AGAIN after my landline UVerse went outContinue reading “AT&T Still SUCKS”

Sears — Customer Services for Appliance Repairs — NEEDS MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!

Last week, I fought with my Kenmore front load washing machine for much too long. I kept getting an “OE” error. I followed the instructions to the letter, cleaning the dust and lint from the areas suggested; nevertheless, each time I tried to use the machine it refused to drain or spin. My husband, aContinue reading “Sears — Customer Services for Appliance Repairs — NEEDS MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!”