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Dear Readers:

Earlier, I posted a review on the BBB web site regarding our nightmares with Blue Raven Solar. You may read it below.

My review of Blue Raven Solar is DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! We signed our documents in August, 2020. November 30 was the first day scheduled to install our solar panels. The office of Blue Raven Solar sent me a text prior to the November 30 scheduled date telling me we needed to reschedule our installation due to the fact Blue Raven had lost one of their teams. The earliest date to install our solar panels would be December 28, 2020. I called them, letting them know this was not acceptable. I wanted the scheduled date of November 30, not December 28. On November 30, the techs arrived. Well, the solar panels were not on the property on that day. The next day two teams showed up; however, The Columbia, SC team was not trained. All they did was SMOKE cigarettes on our property. It has taken November, December, January, and February to get these solar panels in a working stage. Now that they are ready to turn on, we cannot do this until the inspectors finalize the installation.

Believe me when I say:

  1. Blue Raven Solar is anxious to assist you when you apply for service. Afterwards? They could care less!
  2. Blue Raven Solar rarely returns phone calls. I’ve had to call so many times that they know who I am!
  3. Blue Raven Solar makes promises that NEVER happen! EXCUSES? Blue Raven Solar finds all types of excuses. EXCUSES…AND MORE EXCUSES!
  4. I could continue listing all the issues we’ve had. I’ve documented every one! The file I have looks like a manuscript! When someone from their office contacted me last week, he (and MANY other team PLAYERS) assured me they would get to the bottom of this. He apologized for my being so displeased, and he reassured me I would be happy with them soon. THAT IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING I CERTAINLY DO NOT BELIEVE.
  5. What exactly are the issues we’ve endured with Blue Raven Solar??? We failed to receive our 2020 Solar Energy Property Credit since our solar panels are not working yet! Due to the improper installation/scheduling delays — NOT DUE TO OUR ELECTRIC COMPANY — BERKELEY ELECTRIC, but due to the lack of scheduling at Blue Raven Solar! In all honesty, it appears that Blue Raven Solar makes promises to customers; however, they fail to honor those promises!

Please, do your due diligence before you sign a contract with them. Undoubtedly, BLUE RAVEN SOLAR has the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. They fail to return phone calls. They fail to answer emails. One email I sent to them requesting updates and service on December 23, 2020, NEVER GOT A REPLY. They blamed the holidays. Excuses. EXCUSES. E-X-C-U-S-E-S! On December 28, I called Blue Raven Solar requesting a response from the email I SENT ON December 23, 2020. I spoke with Melissa. She assured me Jacob would reply. “He wasn’t there…” Imagine that!

Later, we heard from Southstar Electric in response to the electric issues we had. Blue Raven Solar approved the electric issues at their expense but the permit could take two days.

January 8, 2021 — again I phoned Blue Raven Solar since no one returns phone calls, or phones to let the customer know WHEN and IF Blue Raven Solar would schedule the work. Melissa said she would contact the field manager to get this scheduled.

On several dates, we had no knowledge of Blue Raven scheduled to work on our property. They simply SHOWED UP!

Now, it’s February, 2021. Still WAITING!

Earlier this week, Blue Raven Solar phoned me to let me know they had been in contact with our electric company to get this inspection completed. He assured me he would phone me Thursday to let me know the date and time. LAUGH. LAUGH — LAUGH. We never heard from him!

Friday, a tech from Blue Raven Solar arrived. Apparently, the inspection hasn’t been scheduled. With the ethics and customer service lacking in the Blue Raven Solar organization who knows what will happen and IF we will EVER be able to have WORKING solar panels! Yesterday, the tech said our solar panels SHOULD be working no later than NEXT FRIDAY! FEBRUARY 19, 2021. I have my doubts! Meanwhile, our electric bills continue rising. Oh. Blue. Raven. Solar. Your entire corporation needs major customer service skills. Your techs need training. Your management NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND BLUE RAVEN SOLAR NEEDS TO ANSWER EMAILS AND RETURN PHONE CALLS AND THEY NEED TO TRAIN THE CREWS NOT TO SMOKE ON THE CUSTOMERS PROPERTY! I imagine IF I drained my pond, I would find cigarette butts. All to the credit of Blue Raven Solar!

I pray this nightmare will end soon. If ever you speak with Blue Raven Solar about solar panels, DO NOT SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE! If you do, you will have NIGHTMARES! Do YOUR Due Diligence and run away from them!

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