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Dearest Readers:

My husband was in the military, including the U. S. Army and the National Guard. He was trained to sleep in the woods, on bunkers, in war zones and other poor areas while away from the United States. Never was he sent to a parking garage. A few days ago I read where the 25,000 National Guard troops serving and protecting the Biden inauguration were sent to a parking garage to rest while in Washington, DC. I was appalled! Photographs of this scenario show troops piled almost on top of one another while attempting to sleep.


While I understand soldiers are trained to survive and protect in dreadful conditions, these soldiers are in the United States of America, protecting the safety of the Biden inauguration. How dare Biden, or anyone else, to send these heroes to a parking garage. Have you ever walked inside a parking garage? Ever smelled the scents of a parking garage? The fumes. The staleness, and the lack of care. The lack of bathrooms. Not to mention, how everything smells! In Charleston, SC, parking garages have limited bathroom facilities. Just what do soldiers do when Mother Nature calls?

To say the least, I believe someone failed to show these soldiers just how much our country appreciates them. Sending them to rest in a parking garage is shameful! I imagine they were given MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) for their nutrition. Have you ever tasted a MRE? They are disgusting. How do I know? Simple. I was a volunteer for the SC National Guard years ago. We were given a MRE to taste during one of our training sessions. Worst meal I’ve ever tasted. Even worse than Nutri-System meals!

Reportedly Biden has “apologized” to the troops. Why couldn’t he get them hotel rooms? Placing soldiers in a parking garage is unforgiveable.

Biden has served as President of the United States for four days. He should’ve taken a step to get the soldiers appropriate places to rest — complete with beds and restroom facilities, not a “parking garage!”

Yes, he apologized. I believe he should’ve assigned someone to get these soldiers places to rest, eat, and live until they could go home. Fortunately, some governors are requesting their soldiers to come home.

The actions of sending soldiers to rest in a parking garage says so much about how we treat the military. Biden’s actions of “apology” are not acceptable.

Incidentally, I did not vote for Biden and I never will. Democrats should be ashamed, including Pelosi!

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