Grief – Just When Does It End?

  Dearest Readers: July 6 is always a day of remembrance for me. Truly a day to spend the entire day in tears, or a day to give thanks. Why? Allow me to explain. During the stressful days of my dad’s terminal illness with esophageal cancer during December 1997 until his death on July 6,Continue reading “Grief – Just When Does It End?”

Happy Birthday, Walter Perkins – My Dad

Dearest Readers: On December 19, 1914, two identical twins were born in Michigan. Lewis Eugene and Walter W. Perkins. Never did I have the honor to know Uncle Lewis. He died at 26-years-of-age from Bright’s Disease. I believe it is an inflammation of the kidneys. After his death, my father reportedly changed to a sad,Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Walter Perkins – My Dad”

On Father’s Day, 2017…

Dearest Readers: Happy Father’s Day to all of the father’s in the United States of America. Today is a special day, to give thanks and celebrate our fathers. From the moment we were born, most of us had a father. Maybe you have precious memories of your father, and perhaps there are some, like me,Continue reading “On Father’s Day, 2017…”

Happy Easter 2017

Dearest Readers: April 16, 2017 – Easter. Today is a beautiful, sunshiny day in Charleston, SC. A glorious day to give thanks, and to share religions around the world. As a little girl, my family would go to church with our grandparents at Beallwood Assembly of God Church, Columbus, GA. Sitting in the church, listening toContinue reading “Happy Easter 2017”

Wishing Much Success to Our 45th President — Donald J. Trump

Dearest Readers: This will be a brief post. Today, like many Americans, I watched Donald J. Trump become the 45th President for the United States of America. IF ONLY WE WERE UNITED! Watching him and his classic, elegant (not to mention gorgeous) wife, dressed in baby blue, he and Melania make an elegant couple. IContinue reading “Wishing Much Success to Our 45th President — Donald J. Trump”

Merry Christmas 2016

Dearest Readers: This will probably be the shortest blog post I’ve written in a long time. Today is Christmas Eve, 2016. This day has gone wrong from the beginning. Anything and everything that could happen, I do believe has. Phil was dizzy this morning. Fortunately, he rested and got better. As for the rest ofContinue reading “Merry Christmas 2016”

In Memory of My Father On His Birthday In Heaven…

THE PERKINS TWINS   Lewis and Walter – Identical Twins Separated by death at age 26; Reunited with God’s love at 84. Holding the gates to Heaven’s Door. Missing and Loving you both — Walter’s Daughter – Barbara Strolling in Memories Gardens   WALTER W. PERKINS Mr. Sandpiper, 1998   Born an identical twin onContinue reading “In Memory of My Father On His Birthday In Heaven…”

19 Kids, and Counting…The Disgraceful Duggars!

I confess…I WAS a recent semi-fan of the TLC program, 19 KIDS AND COUNTING… Surfing on the TV one night, I discovered the program, 19 KIDS AND COUNTING, so I watched it.

Reflections At Christmas Time

Christmas   Is…  Dearest Readers: Yes, it is the Christmas season. A time to give thanks and be appreciative for all that we are, and all that we have. A time to celebrate the birth of CHRIST…a time to recognize that IF we did not have the ‘birth of Christ’ as the reason for theContinue reading “Reflections At Christmas Time”

November 22, 1963 — A Day of Remembrance

Dearest Readers: If you were alive on this date, November 22, 1963, do you remember what you were doing when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated? I was just a little girl at the time, but I remember it significantly. Home from school due to the flu and asthma, I listened to the radio inContinue reading “November 22, 1963 — A Day of Remembrance”