Happy Independence Day!

Dearest Readers: This will be a short post. Since it is July the Fourth in the USA, I wanted to wish all Americans a Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day, 2019. Please celebrate our freedom in America and give thanks to our soldiers who are still fighting for freedom in harm’s way. Please, if youContinue reading “Happy Independence Day!”

Happy Fourth of July 2014

Dearest Readers: Today is one of the busiest party, barbecue and fireworks events for the United States of America. I would like to take a moment from our busy lives to thank those who have fought so bravely to keep America free so that we, the citizens, may enjoy our Independence Day. Many in AmericaContinue reading “Happy Fourth of July 2014”

Happy Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day!

Dearest Readers, Happy Fourth of July…America’s Independence Day! Today, America will celebrate this tradition by grilling burgers, drinking beer, and other alcoholic beverages, because it is a tradition. Many will overeat, or gorge themselves with unhealthy foods and such. While it is true, I will celebrate, I will be careful what I intake, because, asContinue reading “Happy Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day!”

On the Fourth of July — Independence Day

Today, America celebrates Independence Day, or as everyone calls it, “The Fourth of July.” Today is a day to give thanks and appreciation to our independence, expressing our appreciation to our Armed Forces. For you, the Armed Forces of the United States of America, I say thank you. Thank you for your willingness and passionContinue reading “On the Fourth of July — Independence Day”