Top 10 Workout Songs – September 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Top 10 Workout Songs For September 2013 Fort Wayne, IN – September 1, 2013 – This month’s top 10 is dominated by duos. There are two songs by M83 and Imagine Dragons that have been out awhile but are just now getting their due from gym-goers. There are a couple tracksContinue reading “Top 10 Workout Songs – September 2013”

Diet Is A “Four Letter Word”

Dearest Readers: If you are reading my posts lately, you will note I have written about Domestic Abuse, Weight Loss, and other topics. Yesterday, while at my Weight Watchers meeting, we discussed the cliché, ‘If I had known then what I know now,’ and other topics, including the word — dare I say it —Continue reading “Diet Is A “Four Letter Word””

Domestic Abuse — Just WHEN Will It End???

Dearest Readers: This will probably be the shortest blog I have written in a while. I am busy with life today…cleaning the house, getting dressed to go to the doctor for my last Supartz injection and caring for a husband with a neck ache. I’ve always said my husband is a pain in the neck,Continue reading “Domestic Abuse — Just WHEN Will It End???”

Dollywood Company Announces— FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Melanie Beauchamp DATE: Aug. 21, 2013 Tennessee Dept. of Tourist Development Public Relations Media Manager 615-532-0484 THE DOLLYWOOD COMPANY ANNOUNCES $300 MILLION IN INVESTMENTS, DEVELOPMENT DURING NEXT 10 YEARS Capital investments include FireChaser Express coaster in 2014 and Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort set to open in 2015. PIGEON FORGE, Tenn.Continue reading “Dollywood Company Announces—”

Augusta, GA September’s Brown Bag History Series Lecture

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STOP: SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 MEDIA CONTACT: NANCY J. GLASER AUGUSTA MUSEUM OF HISTORY (706) 722-8454 Business, Southern-Style September’s Brown Bag History Series Lecture AUGUSTA, GEORGIA (8/20/13) – As part of its continuing Brown Bag History Series, the Augusta Museum of History presents, Business, Southern-Style a talk given by Dr.Continue reading “Augusta, GA September’s Brown Bag History Series Lecture”

“The Butler,” Is One Of The Best Movies I Have Seen In A Long Time…

Yesterday, my husband and I went to see “The Butler.” Forest Whitaker captivated me as Cecil Gaines, “The Butler.” From the poignant opening scene of the movie until the end, I was spellbound, remembering the Civil Rights Movement, how blacks were treated and how angry I got, as a child, recognizing the ‘colored’ signs,Continue reading ““The Butler,” Is One Of The Best Movies I Have Seen In A Long Time…”

Lightning, The Roaring Thunders – And Inner Storms for Charleston, SC And A Child of the Chattahoochee

Storming outside — reminding me of the many storms I have endured, especially as a child. Still, these storms, especially when I see lightning, take me back to the sadness and pain I hid away for much too long. Perhaps the torrential rains are tears – the tears I cried as a child, then —Continue reading “Lightning, The Roaring Thunders – And Inner Storms for Charleston, SC And A Child of the Chattahoochee”

Caring For A Sick Baby — Our Little Maltese

Dearest Readers: To those of you who read my blog regularly, you recognize what an advocate I am for animals, especially rescued dogs. We are the proud family with five dogs, four which are rescues. Yes, they are expensive to keep up and care for, but words cannot express how fulfilling it is to seeContinue reading “Caring For A Sick Baby — Our Little Maltese”

Top 10 Workout Songs – August 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Top 10 Workout Songs For August 2013 Fort Wayne, IN – August 1, 2013 – This month’s top 10 is dominated by pop music—albeit from a variety of sources. Mickey Mouse Club veterans like Britney and Justin Timberlake turn up alongside American Idol alumni Phillip Phillips and Kelly Clarkson. Further fromContinue reading “Top 10 Workout Songs – August 2013”

Flying the Friendly Skies, Next to a Stranger

Dearest Readers: Today, while allowing my silly right knee to rest, I’ve decided to write on my blog again. The subject today is about traveling. Flying the friendly skies, next to a stranger. As a travel writer, I have journeyed to many exciting, beautiful destinations within the Southern and Southeast region with a stranger sittingContinue reading “Flying the Friendly Skies, Next to a Stranger”