Rest In Peace — Whitney Houston

Today is another sad day in America. Today, we are celebrating the life, success and music of Whitney Houston. There have been many things written about Whitney Houston…many of them I refuse to believe. While it is true, I never had the opportunity to meet her personally, through her music I believe she was aContinue reading “Rest In Peace — Whitney Houston”

The Legendary Whitney Houston — Just My Thoughts

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, I performed as the opening act for an Elvis Tribute Artist. After my performance, I sat back watching the show, enjoying the music. After 10pm, I checked e-mails on my Blackberry, discovering a report that Whitney Houston was dead at the age of 48. This can’t be true, I thought,Continue reading “The Legendary Whitney Houston — Just My Thoughts”


First North American Rights Only Word Count 1800 words   Building Chesapeake Traditions and Superb Hospitality by  Barbie Perkins-Cooper  The Tides Inn Resort,Irvington,VA– not only a Chesapeake tradition, but also a pleasant paradise In a world where cell phones, Ipods, Blackberries, Notebooks and other modern technical devices dictate our life, a little peace and relaxation isContinue reading “WELCOME TO THE TIDES INN”

Weight Watchers and My Weight Loss

Today was the day…Every Thursday morning attending my  Weight Watchers meeting is a priority. When I joined March 3, 2011, I wasn’t certain IF I would continue this pursuit. Now, it is truly a part of my life. Yes, a lifestyle change, but definitely for the better. Today, I was thrilled. I am only .02Continue reading “Weight Watchers and My Weight Loss”