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Dearest Readers:

If you are considering hiring a company for the installation of solar panels, please reconsider. The epistle below might enlighten you just a bit.
These issues started in August, 2020. On December 28, 2020 — WE’RE STILL WAITING!

By now, you’re probably aware of the RUNAROUND, and LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM WE’VE ENDURED — just to get definitive answers regarding our installation of solar panels. Now, it appears we are LOCKED into waiting. AND Waiting…AND WAITING  — AGAIN! 
To say I’ve tolerated enough of this is an understatement. I should mention the property I’m referring to is our home.
After the Charleston crew finished installing the solar panels it was discovered we need conduit installed under the house. Wes suggested an electrician would be contacted. We’ve waited for over two weeks for someone to contact us, only getting a response from an electrician after I sent a sarcastic email to Blue Raven Solar demanding a reply.
The email I mentioned was sent on December 12, 2020,at 5:41 PM. A reply was sent to me by Jacob Johnson December 14, 2020 at 7:58 PM. Now, it is December 23. Christmas is only TWO DAYS AWAY! By now, I imagine your office excuse will be “IT’S CHRISTMAS!”
Bah Hum Bug! 
I should mention, I’ve done my homework and research recognizing our mistake was signing a contract with Blue Raven Solar. I am a reporter. A well-seasoned writer and author! Are you aware of the non-complimentary reviews Blue Raven Solar has received? THERE ARE MANY!

My biggest concern now is getting the Solar Energy Property Credit for 2020. According to Form 1350 SC SCH.TC-58 State of South Carolina Department of Revenue SOLAR ENERGY PROPERTY CREDIT:
‘The credit is earned in the year the property is placed in service…”
When we met with Isaac Jacobsen of Blue Raven Solar, he assured us we WOULD RECEIVE A REBATE FOR 2020. For our household, it appears to be due to the lack of proper installation/scheduling — including the delays in getting scheduled (NOT DUE TO BERKELEY ELECTRIC – BUT DUE TO BLUE RAVEN SOLAR) AND THE MANY ISSUES WE’VE ENDURED – I IMAGINE ONE OF YOUR CREWS OR MANAGEMENT WILL TELL US THIS INSTALLATION CANNOT BE FINISHED UNTIL 2021. 
I am holding Blue Raven Solar 100% responsible for all of these issues. And, I anticipate Blue Raven Solar will give us a $2000 rebate from your company since it appears we will not have the conduit done before Christmas (two days from the date of this email) nor will our solar panels be activated to lower our electric bills.
Your company is a disgrace. All I wanted to know was a definitive DATE for all of this to be scheduled and completed. No one, I repeat NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME TO GIVE US A DEFINITIVE ANSWER.
My next move will be an attorney – UNLESS I GET A DEFINITIVE ANSWER – NOT THE RUNAROUND!
The only way you, BLUE RAVEN SOLAR, can resolve this is to verbalize the dates. I EXPECT TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE WITHIN 24 HOURS FROM NOW – DECEMBER 23, 2020 – 7:08 PM EST.
No excuses for the holiday or Covid-19 are acceptable. I’ve tolerated this B-S long 
Regards, Barbie Perkins-Cooper

UPDATE – December 28, 2020. Of course no one has bothered to contact us, so I phoned them again. I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve had to contact this company JUST TO GET AN ANSWER.

According to the pleasant lady on the phone, after checking with someone – PROBABLY A COMPUTER – “our electrical conduit installation has been approved, and someone will contact us today.”

I ask you, my readers, would you dare to hold your breath until they phone?



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