Barbie Perkins-Cooper, Author

Living Life in the Country As A Writer, Photographer

Dearest Readers:

This morning we awaken to a new year. Hopefully, through prayer and faith, all of us will have a healthier, happier, and safer 2021. Last night, at the strike of the new year, I opened the back door, kicking 2020 good riddance! Then, I opened the front door, watched a few fireworks, blew my breath into the wind, welcoming 2021.

Today is my oldest sister’s birthday. I hope her birthday will be as special to her as she is to me!

How about you, readers? What did you do to rush 2020 out of your life while making resolutions to welcome 2021.

Here’s a toast to all of you.

Here’s to you and here’s to me.

May 2021 be the year to be.

Let’s all find happiness. Health and Love, while guardian angels keep us safe from above.

May Corona blow her nastiness away

While 2021 fills our hearts with goodness — EVERY DAY!


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