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Christmas, 2020

Dearest Family and Friends:

Perhaps this year of 2020, has been an unpredictable year where children and spouse are home 24-7 instead of at school or work. Suddenly, a toxic, contagious virus has invaded our lives. Some of you have suffered with the Corona Covid-19 Virus, and some loved ones lost their loved ones to this dreadful disease.

Phil and I have followed all of the guidelines, managing to wear masks when we are grocery shopping, running errands or visiting doctors. Arriving home, I rush to wash my hands until one would think the skin is washing away.

The other day I rushed to the mall to pick up one of Phil’s gifts. I was shocked. Christmas decorations were at a minimum. An occasional Christmas tree and ornaments. No Santa signs. Santa Claus wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Maybe that’s a good thing though. Everyone always encourages children to visit Santa and let him know your wishes. I find it sad that children always dream about the toys they will receive from Santa. The true meaning and spirit of Christmas is the birth of Christ. We must focus on this meaning while realizing this has been a year where political issues are striving to steal elections, almost convincing me to never vote again. I haven’t missed an election since I was 18! Will I vote in 2024. That depends. I pray we will have a new leader then – that is – IF the USA still exists! As for our President-Elect, I will go on record to say I will not watch that election. It appears the 2020 election was bought. I cannot believe voters in the USA would stoop so low to vote for someone who doesn’t have the strength to lead our country. As for Kamala? I’m a feminist, but definitely am concerned what will happen WHEN she takes over. What has happened to our Country? President Trump (in my opinion) is one of the strongest leaders we’ve EVER had! He gets things done – just look at the medical miracle he worked diligently to ‘make it happen!’

For this holiday season, I’ve fought depression. Missing my father so much I find myself bursting into tears. Our last Christmas with Dad was in 1998. Twenty-two years ago! I imagine he would be telling me to “let him go. Move on with life!” Easy words to say, hard words to live by.

So, starting today, I will make myself focus on Thankfulness. Happiness. Family. Love, and the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of the Christ child.

Tonight, two hours after dusk arrives, I shall look into the Heavens to see the “Christmas star,” shining brightly – according to a reputable site I’ve read – “For the first time since the Middle Ages, Jupiter and Saturn will become so close to each other in the night sky that they’ll appear as a brilliantly bright “double planet.” The only magnificent thing I shall see in 2020 is the star that shone so brightly after the birth of Jesus Christ, along with the medical miracle of a vaccine that will save people.

Merry Christmas, Everyone. May God bless us, everyone!

Barbie Perkins-Cooper

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