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This is a post for my “Family and Friends for Christmas.”

Dearest Family and Friends:

2020 has been such a depressing, unbearable year. At least I have life, a warm home, health, a husband, and of course my “Bratty Boys,” my schnauzers.
In five days, December 23, 2019, to be exact, will be a year anniversary of breaking L-1 of my spine. Believe me when I say, if you’ve never broken your back you cannot imagine the excruciating pain I’ve endured for almost one year. Just imagine someone, or something twisting your spine, beating and squeezing it constantly. Imagine doing this on the day you are moving from a crowded suburb to the country. I’ve told some of my friends this: “Imagine the worst labor pain you can. Only this pain never goes away.” I’ve been asked, “Why don’t you have surgery?” Simple. When the spine surgeon said, “It can go either way.” Meaning: “You could be paralyzed, or in a wheel chair..”

I chose to request a prayer chain and core exercises. Now, I’m able to walk. Sometimes, I must stop. Other times, like yesterday at the mall, I was able to walk the entire length of the mall, and back to my car. Stopping only once! I felt like a young child taking her first steps! At times, I limp from the pain. Other times, I still have my infamous swag, and now I can wear boots again. Only three inch heel styles. All of my really high heels are going to Goodwill and other charities, including the Kidney Foundation and domestic abuse shelters.

If you are on my Family and Friends Christmas Card List, 2020 will be the second year I will not be able to send Christmas cards to you. Remember, this is the year of having my husband home 24-7, working at home. He constantly demands my attention, plus I haven’t finished unpacking the remaining boxes from our move to Serenity Oasis, our new home. Time has just about kidnapped me. Every time I think I finally have time for myself, something interrupts me. In November, Election Day, I drove Phil to the VA Hospital (Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center) to have his blood pressure checked. I was not permitted to go inside with him, so I waited…And waited…AND WAITED! For about two weeks in November, including Friday, November 13, I waited outside of the same hospital. Due to Covid-19, I was told to remain outside, although I had not been exposed, had no temp, and was and still is, his wife. Honestly, I wanted to scream at the nurses, but what good would that do??? I do understand the questions and hesitance of allowing someone with the patient; however, I am still furious how I was treated. I had to ask police officers to allow me to a restroom??? I have another story regarding those incidents at Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center – perhaps I’ll share after the holidays!

So, now I’m hopeful you get a bit of an idea about my 2020. Personally, I’ll be thankful when Phil and I can listen to the ringing on the New Year, 2021. No doubt, we will be at home. No Christmas, New Year festivities for us this year. We wear masks everywhere we go – grocery store, Walmart, and on an occasional dinner out. For many years I’ve said “I do not cook on Fridays…” Those of you who’ve heard the story know what occurred when Phil refused to ear the dinner I cooked, so after his arrogance, I said: “That’s it. From now on I will not cook on Fridays again!” I’ve eaten bitter words many times this year. Isn’t it strange how a contagious Corona Covid-19 virus can change our world?

It’s been a depressing year. I had hopes people would learn to slow down and appreciate life, but that hasn’t happened. If anything, many people are more short tempered and dangerous than ever. All of us need to appreciate one another, and believe in God. After all, our lives can disappear in only an instant.

From our household to you and your family, I wish you a Happy and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2021. I will do my best to continue my Christmas tradition of sending Christmas cards next year. Perhaps our lives will be better when the Corona Virus is eradicated under Operation Warp Speed and President Donald J. Trump.

As for the “other guy,” I’m hopeful his son will take care of the situation and they will both go to prison. Of course, we all know, money talks, doesn’t it! I suppose it will be another year where the fake media rule. Thank God, I’m not a member of that media!

Merry Christmas with My Love,

Barbie Perkins-Cooper, Author

2 thoughts on “My Christmas 2020 Wishes

  1. Martha says:

    Enjoyed your letter Barbie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Darlene says:

    Merry Christmas my wonderful talented friend. Wishing you and Phil a better new year !

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