Resurrection – the New Show That Has Me Hooked!

Dearest Readers:

I am happy to report the sun is shining beautifully today. I awoke early to beaming sunshine just breaking through and I wanted to kiss it – instead, I blew it a kiss. Aren’t I silly! Since daylight savings time arrived, I have difficulty with sleeping once again. Just what I needed! Nevertheless, I recognize mornings will start earlier, but the day is longer, and that I welcome. I cannot wait to take a long walk on the beach again. I have missed it so much.

Yes, spring is in the air and I am so pleased to welcome it. Last night I watched a new shop that debuted — RESURRECTION. I admit it — I am hooked on it! Even though I fell asleep while watching it, and I was so thankful that I recorded it — to watch later — in the event I fell asleep. This morning, I watched it, and I think it is one of the greatest, new shows I have watched in a long time — with the exception of Nashville, that is!

Unlike Nashville, the characters are not sleeping around — yet!
Let’s hope that continues!

To summarize “Resurrection,” Jason died 32 years ago, but he returned as an eight-year-old child. There are many characters to learn and I honestly cannot list anymore of them in this writing, but I do believe in resurrection and this show is mesmerizing. No profanity! [And that is a definite plus]. The episode appears to move quickly, along with the storyline.

I confess, lately I’ve lost interest in going to the movies and watching TV. I do not watch reality shows since they are filled with bleeps, but you can still read their lips and tell the F-bomb is exploding again. As for the movies, I so hate hearing the F-bomb every other word. Enough of it! My husband says I must just tune out these words, but how can you — when F-bomb is a constant recording that refuses to stop.

Yes, I am an aspiring screenwriter; however, I do not write the F-bomb into my screenplays. Perhaps that is why I am STILL an ASPIRING screenwriter who has won awards — but no options. Who knows. I simply refuse to lower my standards. Perhaps I am from the old school, but I do strive not to curse, and when I do slip up and say a few of the ‘normal’ words, I am told not to apologize. You must understand. When I was a child, I was raised in a Pentecostal, Assembly of God religion. If we so much as said “gosh” we were punished.

Watching “Resurrection” I was taken back to a time when stories were written for families to watch. I do hope “Resurrection” is resurrected for television. We need more quality shows — not ones that are of the ‘reality’ nature where class, quality family life, and standards no longer exist. It’s no wonder I don’t watch much television anymore, and perhaps why I am careful what movies I see. I am sick of F-bombs! As a screenwriter, I do watch those movies nominated for awards, although many times, after a few expletives, I close my eyes so I can sleep. I was able to get through “Dallas Buyers Club,” while striving to shut my ears to the vocabulary used.

Yes, “Resurrection” has me hooked — for now! Let us hope it is successful! Maybe I will actually have something to watch on Sunday nights now, instead of my collection of the “Golden Girls!”

Happy Anniversary to Me, and My Membership With Weight Watchers — And Screenwriting

Dearest Readers:

Good afternoon. How I hope all of you who watched the Oscars last night enjoyed some mesmerizing acceptance speeches. As a screenwriter, I’ve always dreamed of attending the Oscars, but so far — that dream is not reality; nevertheless, I still write screenplays — even IF I haven’t sent any of them out for representation, competitions, or possible options in a few years. I suppose you could say I got a bit perplexed and stopped marketing them. Shame on Me! This week, I plan to start the research for representation. After all, two of my screenplays have won awards. I simply must get my butt glued to the desk chair and get busy. No one can get a screenplay optioned or sold if it collects dust in a file. Silly Me!

Today is a day of recognition for me. A day I must appreciate since on this date three years ago, I joined Weight Watchers. Walking into the meeting I wished to place a bag over my head so no one would recognize me; instead, I hung my head and did not make eye contact. My heart palpitated when I stepped on the scales and I wished to crawl into the woodwork. The Weight Watchers leaders stopped me from leaving by sharing encouragement, letting me know that ‘we all have walked in those shoes. Welcome to Weight Watchers.”

And so, my journey began. To those who read my blog on a regular basis, you will recall at the next meeting, I hopped on the scales, convinced I had lost weight. OK. I’ll admit it. I did lose weight. Only .06 of a pound. I was furious. I jumped off the scales, collected my things and rushed to the door. My leader stopped me. “Don’t be discouraged,” she smiled. “Remember…every weight loss is a loss.”

I sat down, still hanging my head. Now, three years later, and 36 pounds less, I am happy to say I am still with Weight Watchers, celebrating my anniversary today. No, I haven’t achieved my goal — YET. As a matter of fact, I haven’t established a goal yet. I have committed to making Weight Watchers my new way of life. A 100% lifestyle change. When my friends inquire as to when I will quit Weight Watchers I smile and say, “Never. Weight Watchers is my new and improved lifestyle change and extended family. I have made many friendships there and I cannot quit.”

I suppose my friends are surprised. See, they are accustomed to me getting discouraged and quitting — just like I did with screenwriting.

Yes, it has taken me three years – or 36 months to lose 36 pounds. I will not share the inches and clothing sizes I have dropped simply because I have not kept my measurements. My neighborhood Goodwill store does appreciate when I drop bags of clothing by, and I’m certain Goodwill shoppers have enjoyed getting new clothing — many items with the original price tags still attached. Silly me. Rarely do I try clothing on when shopping — until now.

Glancing at a few pictures of me taken two years ago, I am amazed at how different I look. I was fearful that my face would sag and wrinkle, but it hasn’t. I work out on a daily basis and I do my best to maintain my body and face with daily facials and skin care. Yes, it could be considered boring to some people, but for me, this is my regular routine, and Weight Watchers is truly a routine and ‘weigh of life for me’ — no pun intended!

Many of my friends have said that they would’ve given up long ago with Weight Watchers. I cannot. I can see a real and true accomplishment on my part. While I do give the credit to Weight Watchers, I do realize that somehow I found the courage to enter that meeting on March 3, 2011, and somehow, I have remained while I continue to achieve the unpublished, unshaped goal I have recorded in my memory for myself. Fortunately, my brain does not have a microchip, so no one can hack or attack my goal. Will I achieve it? You betcha! And when I do, my blog will be the second in command to read all about it! Just stay tuned, Readers!

Today, I have learned something new. A few years ago, I made files of all of my screenplays, filed them, and closed all of them away in a file cabinet and said, “I quit.” Closing all of my screenplays away in that cabinet will not help me to achieve my dreams. Research. Marketing. Revising. Sending queries…all of these baby steps just might be the best roadmap to help me. I credit Weight Watchers with my newfound confidence. After all, to lose weight one must work hard to achieve weight loss goals and to maintain the weight loss. To get a screenplay optioned, one must establish goals, a plan…baby steps to reach for those stars!

Stay tuned! And now, I must get back to research so this week I WILL start my marketing strategies. I think watching the Oscars last night opened my eyes, especially while listening to some of the most compelling speeches I’ve heard at the Oscars in a while.

See you…at the movies…and one day…who knows…maybe the Oscars! Wouldn’t that be an amazing dream to achieve! As my dad told me years ago, before his death in 1999, “You must reach for the stars to seek your dreams.” Thank you, Dad. This week, I start reaching for those amazing stars once again!


Every year I watch the Oscars…at least, for a bit. I love to see the fashions, the glitz, glamour and bling, bling. Some of the gowns are magnificent. Others? Well, let’s just say, I enjoy fashion and glamour, and I certainly like to make that ‘grand entrance.’ 

Tonight, I shall watch, hoping The Oscars is not boring – AGAIN. I look forward to seeing Barbra Streisand perform. Isn’t this the first time in over 30 years for her? She is such a class act.

What else do I wish to see at The Oscars? There are so many great films out and I confess, I’ve only seen a few. As an aspiring screenwriter, I really should see more of them. My budget has convinced me to wait on some until they are available at Netflix, or at Walmart.

I am pulling for “Zero Dark Thirty,” only because I’ve seen it and thought it was a great movie. I had my doubts about it, but must admit, it kept me on the edge of my seat. The language wasn’t what I expected as I anticipated the ‘four letter words’ and such. I was so thankful for that! I detest movies with the “F” word as a main character! If you haven’t seen “Zero Dark Thirty,” you must add it to your list.

Oops…I must go and freshen up. The Oscars Red Carpet starts at 7pm tonight, and I simply must freshen up a bit — to admire, dream and wish I could wear one of those amazing designer gowns. Did I mention I’m on a budget. I live in the South and Congress is apparently refusing to decide what to do with the Sequestrian. Just when will those ‘good ole boys’ get their act together and realize the United States needs to work together as a team to boost our economy, but that is another editorial, coming soon!

Perhaps that is why I enjoy The Oscars. It is a great escape for me to dream about life in tinseltown “Hollywood” and to wish I could live in such luxury.

Oh well. It’s back to reality, isn’t it!