Resurrection – the New Show That Has Me Hooked!

Dearest Readers: I am happy to report the sun is shining beautifully today. I awoke early to beaming sunshine just breaking through and I wanted to kiss it – instead, I blew it a kiss. Aren’t I silly! Since daylight savings time arrived, I have difficulty with sleeping once again. Just what I needed! Nevertheless,Continue reading “Resurrection – the New Show That Has Me Hooked!”

Happy Anniversary to Me, and My Membership With Weight Watchers — And Screenwriting

Dearest Readers: Good afternoon. How I hope all of you who watched the Oscars last night enjoyed some mesmerizing acceptance speeches. As a screenwriter, I’ve always dreamed of attending the Oscars, but so far — that dream is not reality; nevertheless, I still write screenplays — even IF I haven’t sent any of them outContinue reading “Happy Anniversary to Me, and My Membership With Weight Watchers — And Screenwriting”


Every year I watch the Oscars…at least, for a bit. I love to see the fashions, the glitz, glamour and bling, bling. Some of the gowns are magnificent. Others? Well, let’s just say, I enjoy fashion and glamour, and I certainly like to make that ‘grand entrance.’  Tonight, I shall watch, hoping The Oscars isContinue reading “WELCOME TO THE OSCARS”