On Golden Pond – My Golden Pond! Have You Missed Me?

Dearest Readers: Yes. I understand. I’ve been silent for much too long. When I started my blog, I posted regularly. Thrilled to finally be writing again Unfortunately, since at least 2015 my life has been unpredictable, stressed, and I lost my confidence in my abilities as a writer. Every time I attempted to write, lifeContinue reading “On Golden Pond – My Golden Pond! Have You Missed Me?”


Every year I watch the Oscars…at least, for a bit. I love to see the fashions, the glitz, glamour and bling, bling. Some of the gowns are magnificent. Others? Well, let’s just say, I enjoy fashion and glamour, and I certainly like to make that ‘grand entrance.’  Tonight, I shall watch, hoping The Oscars isContinue reading “WELCOME TO THE OSCARS”