Dearest Readers: Today is Veterans Day in the USA. A day to give thanks to those who served. Those who gave all. And those who served, fought and came home to America. My husband is a Veteran of the Vietnam conflict. Notice, I said Conflict, not war. Durng that time, the legislators referred Vietnam asContinue reading “VETERANS DAY, 2019”


Dearest Readers: It is with heartfelt pride I extend a proud and Happy Veteran’s Day to all Veterans who served our country. I have a heart filled with love, respect and pride for ALL VETERANS, especially the Veterans of the “Vietnam conflict.” As my loyal readers know, I am married to a Vietnam Veteran. MarriedContinue reading “HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY”

Happy Veterans Day

Today is a Veterans Day. A day to be thankful for all that we are blessed to share in the United States of America. A day to give thanks, and a day to remember those who fought the wars and never returned home. I was blessed to have my husband return home. No, he wasContinue reading “Happy Veterans Day”

9th Infantry Division Reunion – Thoughts Before My Second Cup of Coffee!

Dearest Readers: The posting below is one I wrote in the wee early morning hours of my husband’s Vietnam Veterans Reunion, held here in Charleston. This just shows, I should not post until I am completely awake. Somehow, I posted these comments in the comments section, not in the blog. This should teach me thatContinue reading “9th Infantry Division Reunion – Thoughts Before My Second Cup of Coffee!”

Veterans Day in America

Today is Veterans Day. A day to give thanks to all who have served in the United States Armed Forces. A day for America to SALUTE our Veterans! As the proud wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I confess — veterans hold a most special place in my heart. While traveling to areas I write about,Continue reading “Veterans Day in America”