Gobble…Gobble…Gobble…Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 28, 2013 Dearest Readers: On this date, November 28, 2013, we celebrate Thanksgiving. As we grow, there are many traditions made, and some traditions are broken. Growing up in the State of Georgia, my family taught me many traditions during the holidays, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays were for family. IContinue reading “Gobble…Gobble…Gobble…Happy Thanksgiving!”

Losing Weight Is Such A Challenge

Dearest Readers: Today is a new day. A new month. Tomorrow, Phil and I will celebrate another anniversary. How many years….that I am keeping to myself. Let’s just say, I was a teenage bride…much too young to marry at such a young age…but my marriage has helped me to grow, to blossom into the womanContinue reading “Losing Weight Is Such A Challenge”

Antique Shopping — Melissa’s First Shoes

Last week while running errands, my husband wanted to know if I had additional errands in mind. Occasionally I enjoy walking through antique shops. A few years ago, one of my favorite shops was Hungry Neck Antique Mall, but it closed and now is Trader Joe’s. Driving along Coleman Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant, I’ve noticedContinue reading “Antique Shopping — Melissa’s First Shoes”

On the Fourth of July — Independence Day

Today, America celebrates Independence Day, or as everyone calls it, “The Fourth of July.” Today is a day to give thanks and appreciation to our independence, expressing our appreciation to our Armed Forces. For you, the Armed Forces of the United States of America, I say thank you. Thank you for your willingness and passionContinue reading “On the Fourth of July — Independence Day”