Carnival Fantasy — Cruising Along On A Rocking Ship!

Hello Readers, and Carnival Fantasy: Yesterday, I reported briefly about the first bitterly cold day of our cruise. Although it was cold, Phil and I could not check into our room for a bit, so we dragged laptops, cameras and other items around with us. We chose to eat at the Mongolian Wok and OffContinue reading “Carnival Fantasy — Cruising Along On A Rocking Ship!”

Cruising On The Carnival Fantasy…

Dearest Readers, and Carnival Fantasy: Yes, it is true. During January 8 – January 13, 2015, my husband and I cruised from Charleston, SC to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas on a bitterly cold day in Charleston. Just picture it, if you will. Packing for the cruise, I listened to the weather forecast in Charleston andContinue reading “Cruising On The Carnival Fantasy…”

My Weight Watchers Saga Continues

Dearest Readers: Today is T-minus and counting. My weigh in day at Weight Watchers. For once, I actually slept well last night, managing not to awaken for a length of time until 5:00am. I went back to sleep and didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Most unusual for me! Slowly, I managedContinue reading “My Weight Watchers Saga Continues”

Ah…Home Sweet Home…”At Last…”

So nice to arrive home earlier with my babies awaiting our arrival. Over the weekend Phil and I participated in the Murrells Inlet Elks Lodge show, based on the Charleston Elks Lodge, Back Porch Opera Extravaganza. We had a terrific time last night. Phil served as the sound engineer, dj, and of course, I sang.Continue reading “Ah…Home Sweet Home…”At Last…””

Welcome to Hawaii – Day Five and Beyond – Hawaii Is Like A Dream Come True!

Monday, August 20, 2012 – Sorry for the delay in sharing my astonishing dreams about Hawaii. I’ve been just a bit busy lately with several assignments to do, rehearsals for a show at the Charleston Elks Lodge, more assignments – unexpected, but so welcome, and of course, getting all the photographs I took of HawaiiContinue reading “Welcome to Hawaii – Day Five and Beyond – Hawaii Is Like A Dream Come True!”

Lowcountry Karaoke Idol Contest

Today is such a beautiful day within the lowcountry of Charleston, SC. A day to appreciate life along with all the blessings that arrive with each passing day. Lately, I’ve been stuck in a tsunami of grief and depression, unable to laugh, smile, or simply be the person I was before grief overtook me whenContinue reading “Lowcountry Karaoke Idol Contest”