My Weight Watchers Saga Continues

Dearest Readers:

Today is T-minus and counting. My weigh in day at Weight Watchers. For once, I actually slept well last night, managing not to awaken for a length of time until 5:00am. I went back to sleep and didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Most unusual for me! Slowly, I managed to get myself dressed and go to my meeting. The question at hand as I drove to the meeting was “Will I use my ‘get out of jail card free’ again, or will I actually step on those scales. Grumbling to myself as I approached the meeting, I reminded myself how discouraged I was. ‘Plateaus are killing me. I am so tired of being on this yo-yo. I’m so tired of not losing. I want to reach goal.’

I opened the door, after several members saw me standing at the door. “OK. Here goes.”

Our leader, Kathy, was at the weigh-in desk. “Great. She’ll see that I’m not losing – AGAIN!” She asked how I was doing. I grumbled. “I’m so sick of not losing,” I said. She closed my booklet, handing it back to me, she said. “Good job!”

I thought she was kidding! Looking at my booklet I realized I had lost 1.4 pounds! Shocked, I jumped off the scales and did a happy dance!

What I’ve learned in the last three years as a member of Weight Watchers is the reality that we all will have set-backs, days…and weeks of discouragement…and the recurring battle of plateaus. Yes, I have lost 35 pounds at Weight Watchers, and during weeks of plateaus and yo-yo’s I remind myself that IF I quit Weight Watchers, no doubt, the weight would pile on again. Gaining weight is not someone I wish to be anymore!

When the meeting started, Kathy, our wonderful, encouraging leader asked if anyone wanted to share their experiences from the last week. Of course, it was me – being the shy, timid, non-opinionated woman that I am – NOT – raised her hand.

“I’ve lost 1.4 pounds this week. A total shock for me…and I have something to add. Last night I had rehearsals for a variety show that I am singing in. After rehearsal, my husband and I decided to stop at Finz, a local restaurant, bar nearby since one of my favorite dj’s, Steve Russell, was playing music, including karaoke. While I do not claim to be a karaoke-style of singer, I do love to sing. We plopped down at one of the tables. Steve asked if I wanted to get this singing party started. Of course I said yes. I have enough confidence now with singing that I never hesitate to start the show. When round two of the rotations began, Steve wanted to know if my outfit was considered shorts. Perhaps I should’ve said, “Yes…but dress shorts.” I did not share that comment. The outfit I was wearing consisted of a slightly short pair of dress shorts I could not wear previously because they were much too little. Last night, they fit nicely.

When Steve called me up to sing, he introduced me with the song, “Who Wears Short Shorts,” and when the music began, I danced around.

Truly a nice night to enjoy friends, and to finally recognize that my body size is changing now! Friends are calling me skinny. Something I shall never be, but it’s nice to receive such encouraging words, especially at an age where some people say, I do not dress age appropriate. Whatever that means!

Yes, it is true. I do not dress like a woman middle-aged, or afraid to show her legs! Dreadful, isn’t it! I suppose I should be ashamed, but I’m not. I love wearing my short skirts and I love my heels…just like the commercials seen on TV – the ones where the woman isn’t revealed, with exception of her rushing high heels, short skirts and legs! When the camera reveals the woman, we realize she isn’t a twenty, or thirty-something woman, but she is one of those gorgeous women who has fought the aging process, and it is paying off!

Yeah…that’s me. Short skirts. Platform, or stiletto heels, boots…and so much more.
Just stay tuned. All to the credit of March 3, 2011. The day I joined Weight Watchers while deciding it was time for me to dance again…to love life again…to be the best I can be! Thank you…Weight Watchers. While I am not at goal yet – I simply say – STAY TUNED! The best is yet to be!

My Thoughts About Freewriting

Dearest Readers:
Many of you are actively reading my blog and for that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Some of you have asked if I allow others to write on my blog. The answer to that question is “No.” As a writer with a web presence, I do not allow others to post, simply because I do have a reputation to maintain, and I spend a bit of time working on my blog, when time permits. However, I do, occasionally, post press releases from others and they receive the credit for these releases. As a writer, I love promotion and marketing and work hard to share with my reading public.

Today, I shall freewrite. It has been about two weeks since I’ve posted anything on my blog and that is the reason for this discussion today. I have a busy week ahead of me and will share information about that at a later date. Tomorrow, I have Weight Watchers. Most of you know I am an active member of Weight Watchers and I am still struggling to break that bloody plateau I have fought so hard with. Weight Watchers has a new benefit now to their program. We get a card, referred to as the “No Weigh In” card. We can use it on weeks when weight loss is depressing us, or we feel we just do not want to be weighed. I call it my ‘get out of jail free’ card – a Monopoly game card. I have used my get out of jail free card three times, so far this year. Weight is lingering on me, although inches are FALLING OFF and for that – this chick is thrilled! All of my shorts will be going to Goodwill as soon as I complete the dreaded spring cleaning.

In the event you are curious IF Weight Watchers measures you – the answer is NO! All we do is get weighed every week, and that is confidential. No one can glance down to read what the scale reveals. Only the Weight Watchers leaders know and they record the loss or gain privately.

BUT!!! Why are you writing about Weight Watchers? Perhaps you are wondering why – well, it is simple – freewriting is a dreaded chore that writers do to write, or get the mojo working again. Today, with so many things to do, freewriting might get me motivated again. Let us hope so!

Many of you reading my blog have asked private messages of how long I have written and how do I think of so many topics??? Simple. I am alive. When something ruffles my feathers, when inspiration moves me, or when I feel I need to jump on my soapbox, I write. Normally, I allow the documents written to ‘get cold’ meaning – they have sat for a bit of time, then I re-read them, and I post. I confess, this doesn’t always happen, but I am trying to get in the habit. Silly me! Effective today, I am writing blog subjects in a Microsoft Word document – not straight into my blog. After all, I want to have a record of what I am writing – not simply rushing to my blog to find the documents.

Freewriting is an action we writers will do for about five to ten minutes. Seems I forgot to time my freewriting after a phone call interruption. The first call was another bloody telemarketer, and if you are a telemarketer and want to call me to inquire about a survey which will take 10 to 15 minutes – guess what – your survey is much too long to get my opinion – and I’m certain I DO have an opinion. After all, those who know me recognize and describe me as an opinionated woman! Funny, last year at my high school reunion I was described as ‘shy’ — ‘timid’ — ‘someone who we don’t remember…’ Thank goodness that innocent little girl grew up to become someone who DOES have an opinion and someone who ‘makes an entrance…’ Gees…I have to laugh at that description, but it is nice to hear others say now – “Oh…I remember YOU!”

Good or bad? Who knows. By now, you are probably wondering – just where is Barbie Perkins-Cooper going with this posting? Well…it’s called freewriting for a reason.

The second, third, and FOURTH phone calls were from my husband. He has the tendency to phone me LOTS…and IF he doesn’t get me on the landline, he will phone my cell. If I don’t answer, he calls the landline again…Some men are such pains when they want to speak to you…and what they have to say, could definitely wait a bit…but that is HOW my husband is on a day when I have thousands of things to do – such as today!

Maybe on that note, it is time for me to start the Zumba DVD and dance. I need to release a bit of frustration and music is so therapeutic! Yep, I think should play the music and dance. I absolutely detest freewriting! Have a great week, readers.

Carolina Opry


            For Immediate Release

            January 8, 2014


Media Contact:

Jordan Watkins 

Director of Marketing




Editorial Note:

Images available for download here:

Calvin Gilmore and cast are available for interviews.


28th season of landmark variety show to add two new powerhouse vocalists to legendary cast line-up, new seating for 2014, and a new show time


North Carolina-based singer/songwriter Bibis Ellison will join the cast of The Carolina Opry and Good Vibrations. Likened to artists such as Adele, Bibis is known for her soulful tones and has performed both covers and original music all over the US, as well as in Japan and Mexico. Owner, producer and performer Calvin Gilmore states, “Bibis is the high level of talent our fans have come to expect here at Calvin Gilmore Theater.”


Colton Cason made his debut at The Calvin Gilmore Theater in their recent Christmas production and has agreed to join the cast for the 2014 season. Colton’s smooth crooner style, inspired by Sinatra and Bublé, adds an element of jazz—and he also plays a mean trumpet.  A member of the prestigious Del Couch music foundation, Colton is seasoned in orchestral feature performance and has already become a favorite at The Calvin Gilmore Theater.


These are just two among the many changes in store for the 2014 season. All That, renowned hip-hop cloggers seen on NBC’s America’s Got Talent will be back with new moves. Emcee and Nashville recording artist Brad Long will return along with the rest of the legendary cast of 35 singers, musicians and dancers.


Also among the changes for 2014 is all new seating in The Calvin Gilmore Theater auditorium. Gilmore is replacing all floor seating with plush, wide new seats decked out with rocking backs and cup holders. He says, “After nearly 30 years in this business I get a little sentimental about these original theater seats, but I can’t wait until you sit in the new ones.” A limited quantity of the original theater seats may be available for purchase as collectors’ items.


Colton and Bibis can be seen in all of The Calvin Gilmore Theater productions. Shows run nightly at the new show time of 7:00 pm beginning January 29 at The Calvin Gilmore Theater, closed Sundays. Call for full schedule and to book, 800-843-6779.


More About The Carolina Opry

Gilmore Entertainment has long been the leader of musical variety show entertainment in the Southeast, with the classic Carolina Opry show and their newest hit, Good Vibrations. Gilmore and his Carolina Opry have been featured by USA TodayABC Nightly NewsSouthern Living MagazineVariety, and a host of other newspapers and television shows. It is the only Myrtle Beach show to receive the coveted South Carolina Governor’s Cup, as well as being voted South Carolina’s Most Outstanding Attraction. In recent years, Gilmore has performed regularly on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, and he is designated as South Carolina’s Official Country Music Ambassador.