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Dearest Readers:
Many of you are actively reading my blog and for that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Some of you have asked if I allow others to write on my blog. The answer to that question is “No.” As a writer with a web presence, I do not allow others to post, simply because I do have a reputation to maintain, and I spend a bit of time working on my blog, when time permits. However, I do, occasionally, post press releases from others and they receive the credit for these releases. As a writer, I love promotion and marketing and work hard to share with my reading public.

Today, I shall freewrite. It has been about two weeks since I’ve posted anything on my blog and that is the reason for this discussion today. I have a busy week ahead of me and will share information about that at a later date. Tomorrow, I have Weight Watchers. Most of you know I am an active member of Weight Watchers and I am still struggling to break that bloody plateau I have fought so hard with. Weight Watchers has a new benefit now to their program. We get a card, referred to as the “No Weigh In” card. We can use it on weeks when weight loss is depressing us, or we feel we just do not want to be weighed. I call it my ‘get out of jail free’ card – a Monopoly game card. I have used my get out of jail free card three times, so far this year. Weight is lingering on me, although inches are FALLING OFF and for that – this chick is thrilled! All of my shorts will be going to Goodwill as soon as I complete the dreaded spring cleaning.

In the event you are curious IF Weight Watchers measures you – the answer is NO! All we do is get weighed every week, and that is confidential. No one can glance down to read what the scale reveals. Only the Weight Watchers leaders know and they record the loss or gain privately.

BUT!!! Why are you writing about Weight Watchers? Perhaps you are wondering why – well, it is simple – freewriting is a dreaded chore that writers do to write, or get the mojo working again. Today, with so many things to do, freewriting might get me motivated again. Let us hope so!

Many of you reading my blog have asked private messages of how long I have written and how do I think of so many topics??? Simple. I am alive. When something ruffles my feathers, when inspiration moves me, or when I feel I need to jump on my soapbox, I write. Normally, I allow the documents written to ‘get cold’ meaning – they have sat for a bit of time, then I re-read them, and I post. I confess, this doesn’t always happen, but I am trying to get in the habit. Silly me! Effective today, I am writing blog subjects in a Microsoft Word document – not straight into my blog. After all, I want to have a record of what I am writing – not simply rushing to my blog to find the documents.

Freewriting is an action we writers will do for about five to ten minutes. Seems I forgot to time my freewriting after a phone call interruption. The first call was another bloody telemarketer, and if you are a telemarketer and want to call me to inquire about a survey which will take 10 to 15 minutes – guess what – your survey is much too long to get my opinion – and I’m certain I DO have an opinion. After all, those who know me recognize and describe me as an opinionated woman! Funny, last year at my high school reunion I was described as ‘shy’ — ‘timid’ — ‘someone who we don’t remember…’ Thank goodness that innocent little girl grew up to become someone who DOES have an opinion and someone who ‘makes an entrance…’ Gees…I have to laugh at that description, but it is nice to hear others say now – “Oh…I remember YOU!”

Good or bad? Who knows. By now, you are probably wondering – just where is Barbie Perkins-Cooper going with this posting? Well…it’s called freewriting for a reason.

The second, third, and FOURTH phone calls were from my husband. He has the tendency to phone me LOTS…and IF he doesn’t get me on the landline, he will phone my cell. If I don’t answer, he calls the landline again…Some men are such pains when they want to speak to you…and what they have to say, could definitely wait a bit…but that is HOW my husband is on a day when I have thousands of things to do – such as today!

Maybe on that note, it is time for me to start the Zumba DVD and dance. I need to release a bit of frustration and music is so therapeutic! Yep, I think should play the music and dance. I absolutely detest freewriting! Have a great week, readers.

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