LOST OCTOBER 20, 2012 – Old Village area of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Cletus is 14lbs, a Schnauzer/Maltese Mix, and is missing. He is VERY timid, has been abused, and will run if frightened. He has never bitten but will growl if frightened. Speaking to him in a comforting voice and approaching from his level will get him to allow you to pet him.
HELP US BRING THIS BABY HOME. IF SEEN, PLEASE CALL Barbie at 843-884-7631. He is microchipped, neutered, up to date on all shots, and just got to his foster home in Mt. Pleasant earlier this week. We, the foster parents are devastated. Please help us find him. Thank you!

Please call Barbie Cooper at 843-884-7631 if you see this precious baby. He is frightened, scared of people and hungry!

Walking the Bridge — the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge Saga Continues!

This morning I awoke from another night of fitful sleep, exhausted once again. Yesterday, I gave in to it, allowing my depression and lack of energy to defeat me. Today, I procrastinated for a bit, then finally forced myself to get up and get busy. Get off this computer. Move your legs…move your butt…just move! Isn’t that what Michelle Obama tells everyone. Just move! Great advice, but yesterday, I simply gave in.

Today is Wednesday…a new day! I refuse to allow my depression and lack of energy to defeat me today. Yesterday, I had a bit of anticipated bad news about someone once close to my life. I’ll not mention, or elaborate what the news was, but those who truly know me understand. While it would be easy for me to just say, “To Hell with it…” I will not. I have dragged myself out of the depths of depression many times…and to those of you who do not understand the struggles of depression, believe me, you are blessed to never have experienced it. The lack of energy…the sadness…the emotional roller coaster…the tears… It is so easy to allow it to bring a person down, but I’ve been down before, recognizing that when I am emotionally buried within that deep hole, there is no where else to go, but up! Today is a new day!

Rushing to style my hair a bit, I dressed and headed to the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge. Today, regardless how I felt I was certain that a swift walk on the bridge was the only drug I needed to get me moving again.

I’ll attempt the first tower. Maybe I’ll feel better. The walk begins. The wind is brisk in my face, almost taking my breath away. I was suddenly thankful I had remembered to pack my inhaler in my bag, in the event I needed it. Inhaling. Exhaling. I continue the walk, forcing my legs to move faster. I time my walks, always curious as to how long it will take. The first walk was four miles total. I made this journey in 2.5 hours. Maybe not a good time for some people, but while I’m not a beginner walker, the bridge is a challenge.

Today, I made it to the first tower in about 20 minutes. OK. Maybe not great…but I’m asthmatic and the wind is forcing me to slow down a bit. Accomplishing the first tower, off I go to the second span from the Mt. Pleasant side. I am proud to say, today was a new day for me…a great day…I walked three miles on the bridge in 1 hour 28 minutes! Oh Happy Day!

Today, not only did I do something for my health, my emotional health and my demeanor, I broke my walking record while proving to myself that when the depths of depression attempt to bring me down, I can fight back without being violent (violence is not in my character) and I can beat it by feeding myself positive mental feedback!

Yes, I still worry about the situation that I heard about yesterday, but that situation is truly out of my hands. I cannot control what happened, nor can I change it. I cannot allow those sad days to bring me down, and I cannot let bad news influence me. After all, I am the person I am today because I chose to move away and not look back on my life, or the emotional scars I have endured on my journey of life. I have to continue to make life an adventure. Today, I am proud of my achievements…and I am thrilled that I can do what I set out to do today, while making a road map for future adventures. Walking the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is only one of my journeys in life.

How about you? What are your journeys? Dreams? Accomplishments? Let us all live to survive life by making lemonade when life gives us lemons!

There is a cliché I live by now — “This I do for me!”

Another valuable lesson in life to guide me through the disappointments and life’s challenges!



Walking At An Advanced Level While Working Thru My Fears – Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge

Today, I tackled the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge once again. My goal for each week is to walk it three times weekly. To those of you who do not know, “The bicycle and pedestrian lane is 2.7 miles long (14,400 feet), measuring from
Patriots Point Road to East Bay Street. Measuring only the part that is on the bridge structure, the walkway is 2.4 miles long (12,750 feet). Most of the bridge is limited to a 4.1% maximum slope. On the Charleston side of the
main span, the long approach is a 1.8% slope. On the Mount Pleasant side, there is a section three tenths of a mile long that has a 5.6% slope.” http://www.cooperriverbridge.org/bike.shtml

The bridge opened in 2005. Almost every time I have driven across this bridge I have always said to myself, “One day, I’m going to walk that bridge…” Thanks to Weight Watchers and the new goals I have established, I am achieving that goal. I must say, as I approach the beginning of the bridge, I look ahead, noticing the steep incline. “Focus,” I tell myself. “You can do this.” There is an inner-voice inside of me saying, “Don’t you hear the traffic. Don’t you remember how frightened you are of busy roads, cars rushing by and so much traffic.” I struggle to push that inner-voice aside…not to listen to her…to be stronger…more determined…and before I know it, I continue the walk. My first goal is the first tower from Patriots Point. Accomplishing that goal, I rest…breathing in…breathing out…remembering how I must breathe so I do not have an asthma attack.

I am proud of myself for accomplishing the bridge walk. As a child, resting inside an oxygen tent, fighting another episode of asthma in the hospital, I never thought I could accomplish this task. Doctors had said that I would never be active like other children, simply because asthma had left me weak. The steep incline intimidated me at first, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can do this. Maybe I cannot run like the joggers who pass by me, but I can achieve my goals, and I have.

Today, while walking up the first incline, I noticed a woman struggling. She stopped. As I passed by her, I turned back. “Are you Okay?” Her breathing was raspy. She held on to the rail, looking down.

“I’m afraid of heights… I can’t do this. I told my daughter I couldn’t and I’m scared.”

“Where’s your daughter?”

“Up there ahead of us.”

I touched her. “It’s okay. I have a fear of traffic. I was hit by a car when I was nine-years-old. I’m horrified that a car may jump the ramp and hit me…but I can’t focus on that. I have to believe in the power of positive thinking, and I must have faith that I can do this walk.”

The woman gave me a puzzled look. “When you were hit, were you injured?”

“Definitely. The driver was a hit and run. He was a teenager. He was drunk, but when he noticed someone was writing notes about the accident, he pulled over. I guess he knew he would be caught, so he stopped then. I had a severe concussion and my brain was swollen. The doctors and police officers said I should’ve been killed…but look at me now…Here I am walking the bridge. If I can do this with my fears, so can you.”

The woman released her clutched hand from the rail. “Ok,” she said. “How do you know I can do this…that I can work past my fears…?”

“I have faith…God will guide you.”

“You don’t know me…”

“I have faith.”

I started my approach again. The woman followed me. When I topped the second tower, I saw her again, walking with her daughter. She stopped to hug me.

“Thank you,” she said. “I did it! I wouldn’t have done it without you.”

Her daughter smiled, said thank you and together, they turned to walk down the bridge.

Funny. Today was my day just to walk the bridge, only today was a new day for me to smile at someone, share a bit of courage, and a lot of faith. Every day of my life, I attempt to share a bit of kindness to others. Never did I think I would do that on the towers of the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge.

Walking down the bridge, I felt a bit wiser…a bit stronger…a bit happier with who I am. I smile at people as I pass them on the bridge. Most of them are preoccupied with cell phones, Ipods and a blank look on their faces. Today, I am thankful that although my Blackberry is inside my pocket, my Ipod is at home and I am focused on the challenge of walking the bridge…building a bridge to my health, happiness and weight loss. Much of that I give credit to Weight Watchers, but today, I give credit to the kindness of a stranger who was struggling to work past her fear…and she did it…along with me!

Weight Watchers — I Do Not Understand Why I Can Post Comments but Not Post on MY Blog!

I have attempted many times to post on my Weight Watchers blog with anticipation of getting readers to read my blog; nevertheless, it appears that EVERY TIME I post on the blog, select my category and click post, I get a foolish message that I cannot post at this time…try later.

Furious, I copy my post and add it to my personal writing blog, https://barbieperkinscooper.wordpress.com/

Today, it will be interesting to see IF this post will work. I read lots of blogs on the Weight Watchers site while I am curious as to why mine fails to post.

I have much to share, or, at least I thought I did. Lately I’ve accomplished walking not at a beginner’s level, but an advanced, walking the 5.4 miles of the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge in Charleston, SC. My goal was to post about this experience here, on the Weight Watchers site. Please don’t say to me, just contact Weight Watchers. Duh! I have. They told me to check my cookies. If that is the case, then why I am allowed to post comments?

So, for now, this is a test…and only a test…I expect to get that silly comment again…Here goes! If it doesn’t work here, just visit https://barbieperkinscooper.wordpress.com/

Top 10 Workout Songs for October 2012


The Top 10 Workout Songs For October

Fort Wayne, IN – October 1, 2012 – This month’s top 10 list should have a little something for everybody.It’s got a song you hear everywhere (from PSY), a comeback single (from Christina Aguilera), and a wildcard country track (from Dierks Bentley).There’s also a crossover hit (“Only the Horses”) and a song popularized by a Kia commercial (“In My Mind”).Lastly, there’s Dragonette with the month’s number one track. The group isn’t a household name, and the song’s not from the Top 40—which means it had to top the chart the old-fashioned way: through sheer awesomeness.

Here’s the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred–the web’s most popular workout music blog.

Dragonette – Let It Go – 131 BPM

Christina Aguilera – Your Body – 104 BPM

OneRepublic – Feel Again – 70 BPM

Dierks Bentley – 5-1-5-0 – 118 BPM

PSY – Gangnam Style – 134 BPM

Maroon 5 – One More Night – 93 BPM

Scissor Sisters – Only The Horses – 127 BPM

Flo Rida – Whistle (Disfunktion Remix) – 128 BPM

Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl & Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Axwell Remix) – 127 BPM

Enrique Iglesias & Sammy Adams – Finally Found You – 128 BPM

To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at RunHundred.com. Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.

Chris Lawhorn
Run Hundred
Email: Admin@RunHundred.com