To Honor Robin Williams

Dearest Readers: Early last night while checking my phone I received a news alert — Robin Williams is Dead. “Oh my God…No…the man was brilliant. What happened?” As I read the news blurb, I could not believe that such a brilliant, gifted talent — the guy who made me laugh, cry and feel so manyContinue reading “To Honor Robin Williams”

Walking the Bridge — the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge Saga Continues!

This morning I awoke from another night of fitful sleep, exhausted once again. Yesterday, I gave in to it, allowing my depression and lack of energy to┬ádefeat me. Today, I procrastinated for a bit, then finally forced myself to get up and get busy. Get off this computer. Move your legs…move your butt…just move! Isn’tContinue reading “Walking the Bridge — the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge Saga Continues!”