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Living in Mt. Pleasant, SC – near the starting line of the Cooper River Bridge Run, there is an aire of excitement as the sea of runners, walkers and supporting parties, workers, volunteers, etc. etc. all come together to get the Bridge Run started.

“And they’re off…” Finally. Yawn. Stretch. Yawn. “Just where is my coffee this morning?” I listen to the music and the shouting. Years ago, I looked out my kitchen window to see cars parked up and down my road, the side road, and sometimes so near my driveway I wasn’t certain I could get out. Silly.Then I remembered, the only way I could get out to run an errand was to walk. For several years, I was a bystander for the excitement.

One day I am going to walk that bridge, I continue telling myself. Never would I run it. Asthma would shut me down!

To all who run and walk, I admire your persistence, and one day, I do plan to join you. Someday. Sometimes you might see me standing on the curb cheering you on, along with the sea of people who are there — cheering — shouting — wishing and hoping that someday they will be doing the same.

Ok, so here’s my shocking goal for 2012 — I will walk during the bridge run, but please — no cameras! I’ll have to wear a fancy hat to hide my hair and face! Next year, I am doing it! I have a year to practice. I walk 2.5 miles daily — with my three precious dogs, so next year, I will do it — without them. No one wants to get in the way of my babies! With a sea of runners, walkers, spectators, I can be only one who will not be noticed! Hopefully!

Now, I’ve made the commitment to walk the bridge in 2012. Just where are my Shapeups! I need a new pair now since mine are scuffed to a smooth surface. Humph! Perhaps that is the justification to buy a new pair. They work great for walking — but if you should buy a pair, they have the tendency to rock — and — so do I!

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