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Dear Readers:

I am pleased to report that AT&T communicated well with me this morning, sending a text stating that today is the day for your repair…then a phone call from the technician stating he would be at the house within 20 minutes. He was scheduled between the hours of 12-4pm. He arrived a few minutes before 12, which was great!

The technician – I think his name was Mike, was most professional, walked inside, got to work to inspect and solve the problem. Apparently the phone and modem were connected together and at times I suppose they ‘over communicated.’ Don’t ask me. I’m a writer, not a computer technician. When I have difficulties with my computers, I contact my husband.

No, my husband did not connect our UVerse. That was performed while I was so sick, and I could not even describe who came to our home then. My husband was home — attempting to take care of a most sick wife, the psychotic babies that live here — our pups, and he had to be here to let the installer for UVerse inside the house. I do recall they had to install fiber optics, and the rest is a total fog.

All I know is that installation and UVerse is when the problems started. In December, I recall attempting to use the landline phone only to discover it was ‘dead.’ I didn’t call about that. You must remember, during that time, I was useless to everyone — especially to myself. So happy that I am well now, and let us hope UVerse is well.

I look over at the modem, all the green lights are working, and there appears to be a gray box just a bit from it. Also, we have a new phone jack now, so the phone can be connected – apart from the modem.

Don’t ask me the details! All I truly care about is that my landline phone appears to be working — for now. I’ll not have confidence in it until I use it to call my dearest friend in North Carolina. Every time we attempted to chat recently, either the phone would make a noise, or her voice would fade away – only to return mid sentence. I lost all confidence in UVerse then, especially when I would disconnect, to phone her again — only to either get a loud ‘fax’ noise, a bunch of busy signals, or a recording that her phone was no longer working. Duh! Do they think I have no intelligence and actually believe these recordings? Her phone was working only moments ago, when I phoned her! I suppose all of this technology is computer generated, so who knows if the problems are solved.

As for me — I do hope the problems and headaches I’ve tolerated with AT&T UVerse and ‘bundling’ are resolved. I want to be a nice person on the phone — not someone who wishes she could slip her hands inside the phone system to choke the next customer service rep I spoke with. My hats go off to AT&T customer service reps. They are always so courteous to me. I was to the point that if one more of them said to me, “Yes, Ms. Cooper, I understand your frustration and I am here to resolve it for you…’ I was about ready to let the monster raging inside of me go on the attack — and I am not a violent person! ‘Calm down, Barbie. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe in. Breathe out!’ Sometimes yoga and meditation makes one want to do fooling things! ‘Inhale. Exhale.’ There. I feel better now, while I chew on my fingernails — something I never do!

So, let us hope the headaches with AT&T UVerse are resolved and I’ll not have to see any more technicians come to my home.

I think the beach is calling my name, or perhaps walking the bridge again — with one exception –it is so brisk and windy today, I doubt I could do either, and so I write…and I attempt to get the clutter from my office area demolished, shredded, or packed away.

Hello, AT&T — thank you so much for your customer service today. Let us hope this chapter of my life is closed so I may adventure into some fun and relaxing adventures!

I am so ready for some fun!

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