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Dearest Readers:

Yes. It’s true. I, along with many friends, complain about customer service in America. Years ago, when phoning a company to express a complaint, we were transferred to a department that was capable of taking care of our needs. Now, normally, when phoning, you get transferred to one department…then, another department…dare I say it — placed on HOLD for what appears to be eternity, and finally in defeat – we hang up.

Yes. That is my style. Today, things changed.

I’m having difficulty with my Garmin Vivofit 2. In March, the battery died, so I took it to Batteries Plus to get another battery. When I originally replaced the battery, about a year ago, I purchased the lifetime battery, so this year, my battery was free. My Vivofit 2 was working fine afterwards. About three weeks ago, things changed.

In case you didn’t know, I purchased a Garmin Vivofit 2 after my Fitbit Alta band broke, and the Fitbit Alta wasn’t working properly. Defeated, I removed the Fitbit, deciding to toss anything made by Fitbit into the trash. Instead, I placed my Fitbit One and Fitbit Alta in a drawer. I purchased a Vivofit 2 on after losing confidence in Fitbit products.

On one occasion, a friend shared her experience with customer service from Fitbit — praising them, so, I decided maybe I should try. Fitbit wrist bands never hold up, so I phoned – sharing my diplomatic manner with them. Meanwhile, I wore the Garmin Vivofit 2.

While speaking with the customer service rep, she wanted me to take a picture of the wrist band and the Fitbit. I responded I threw the tacky wrist band in the trash! She placed me on Hold!

Finally, she returned, telling me she spoke with a supervisor. “Normally, we require proof that the wrist band was defective, but this time, we will send you another wrist band and we’ll replace your Alta.”

Proof of a defective wrist band? In all honesty, those wrist bands are not exactly a quality product!

So now, I wear two trackers. They make interesting conversation!

Today, I decided to contact Garmin. For about three weeks, I’ve had difficulty reading the screen of the Vivofit 2. I see a garbled number on screen, and when I go to sync it, I cannot tell if it is on the sync screen. Yesterday, I managed to move over 17,000 steps; however, with the Garmin Vivofit 2, I couldn’t comprehend IF it synced until I checked the website on my computer.

So, here I go, making a phone call while sipping my morning cup of Joe. The customer service rep pulled up my history, and moments later, he said he will send me a new device. No fee. He simply wants me to be happy with Garmin products! He mentioned I would be getting a confirmation email soon. Think I’ll check email in a few minutes, just to see.

How’s that for customer service? I was totally prepared to get the runaround. Yes. Diplomacy and kindness works!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful IF all companies trained their customer service reps in such an amazing way! I wasn’t required to “take a picture” so they could tell it was defective!

I didn’t need to get angry. I confess. I’ve worked in customer service for many years, and I’ve been rewarded with Excellent Customer Service Awards, on many occasions, I know what customer service SHOULD be in America, and beyond!

Eureka! I checked email a moment ago. The confirmation email stating I will get a replacement is in my inbox folder!

Today, I can truly say, there is nothing like customer service in America. At least…for today – Tuesday, July 23, 2019!

May you have a great day, and if you must deal with customer service, I do hope you will be treated with kindness, respect and great customer service. Thank you, Garmin!

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