I’m Angry Now

UPDATE — CORRECTION – Perhaps I allowed my emotions to kick in when this was originally published. The correct date of the Charleston Sofa Superstore fire was June 18, 2007 – not June 18, 2013. My apologies. The damages and vandalism was Thursday, June 25, 2020. Dearest Readers: About an hour ago, I arrived homeContinue reading “I’m Angry Now”

Fire in Georgetown, SC

http://www.gtowntimes.com/local/Fire-in-Georgetown–History-up-in-flames I awoke to the morning news — breaking news about a fire in Downtown Georgetown, SC, along Front Street. Reportedly, several buildings are completely destroyed. Many of these buildings were historical, some dating back to the early Twentieth Century. There is a historical clock standing, The Clock Tower, and reportedly, it is still standing.Continue reading “Fire in Georgetown, SC”