Welcome to Hawaii – Day Two – ‘Morning Has Broken’

Morning Breaks along the MountainsFriday, July 6, 2012 – day two of my escape to paradise. Much to my surprise, I have no jet lag, managing to sleep very well. Awakening before the first morning sun, I slipped on to the balcony, to capture the changing colors of the clouds of Hawaii, or should I say, Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, or wherever I am? I’m just a bit confused about all of these islands. We are staying on Waikiki Beach, that I know, but I still feel like I am locked inside of a dream, with the colors of the rainbow all within my dream. I rush back to the side of the bed, glance at the clock, grab my camera, and close the balcony door so I don’t awaken Phil. It is just a few minutes after 5am. Over to the left of the balcony is a mountain filled with residences, at least, I am assuming the buildings are residences. Clouds linger on top of the mountains as the morning horizon begins to lighten. It is such a beautiful sight, with different hues and shapes of the clouds, and the mountains. The morning clouds are hues of gray and midnight black. It looks like rain is in the forecast. I lean across the balcony, realizing if I’m not careful I could fall, but I click my camera, excited to capture photographs of the Pacific Ocean, Waikiki Beach and the morning sun breaking. Still, I feel as if I’m dreaming. “Morning has broken, like the first morning…” My mind plays the lyrics of the Cat Stevens tune, and I realize I am not dreaming. Finally, I am back in Hawaii, where dreams come true.

I brew coffee, sit on the balcony, watching the morning break into another amazing day in paradise. I’ve been told by shop owners and employees at the hotel that it rains almost every early morning in Hawaii. Mornings are overcast, just like today, but the sun teases, breaking through the clouds, as if to say, “Here I am. Awakening you to another beautiful day in Hawaii.”

The mountains are still overcast. I see the thickness of rain on the mountain to the left of where I am sitting. The mountain across now is kissed with sunshine. High rise towers are everywhere along the beachfront and the City of Honolulu. Some of the mountains appear to be a bit too cluttered, at least from a distance, with too much residential development. As a writer, I am intrigued, but not certain we will have the time to explore the mountains. Phil is working every day while I play. Playing is something I’m not familiar with. As a writer, I have deadlines to meet, research to do, four dogs to care for, along with a house, friends, family and the list could continue. But for today, I’m not working with lists. I am simply doing something I haven’t done in such a long time.

I am reminiscing about a young wife who has a husband here with her in paradise. In just a few days, he will leave her, headed back to a war zone. Yes, we splurged on items we shouldn’t have during our honeymoon, but we were young – never knowing if we would have a future. We failed to tour the city like we should’ve but you’ll just have to use your imagination about what we were doing! Young. Innocent. Newlyweds! Apart for over eight months, not because we wanted to be apart but the US Army had other plans for a soldier. You probably get the picture!

As I reminisce about this young girl that I was, I will do my best to find those sweet memories inside of me again. PTSD, flashbacks of a warzone and a long-term marriage have a way of making us forget what we had back then. I am hopeful that while we are together again in Honolulu, we can reflect, reminisce, and recollect what once we had. Today, I am taking care of myself, without any deadlines to meet. This seems so strange!

Yesterday, while we traveled along the roads from Wally World back to the hotel, I recognized that Honolulu must have a strict board of architectural review for buildings because there are so many towers and garages.

At four pm today, there is an event downstairs. For now, after Phil leaves for work, I will go downstairs to the coffee shop and I will explore a bit more. I found the pool yesterday, and Waikiki Beach is across the street. The sand reminds me of kosher salt, mixed with small pieces of lava and shells, hurting my feet when I removed my sandals. I am such a tender foot!

Morning has broken, and my day begins. I will spend the day at the pool to get busy on a Hawaiian tan! Still, I cannot believe I am in beautiful paradise. I must be dreaming! Just where is my sunscreen and sunglasses!


Published by barbiepc

Barbie Perkins-Cooper is a talented award-winning writer of screenplays, plays, and travel stories and she works full-time as an editorial photojournalist. Barbie has published numerous articles and award-winning photographs for regional, trade, health and beauty, hospitality and travel publications including the Travel Channel, Buick B Magazine, AAA Midwest Traveler, Kentucky Monthly, Southern Hospitality, Blue Ridge Country Magazine, Convention South and Texas Co-op Power and New York Daily News. Her passion for food and hospitality began when she worked as a communications officer, public relations officer at Johnson & Wales University in 1988. Residing in Charleston, South Carolina, Barbie is the author of Career Diary of a Photographer, and Condition of Limbo. She has written seven screenplays, and has a passion for screenwriting, hoping to see her name in the credits of a major motion picture. In September 2007, she was chosen as an approved artist for literary arts with the SC Arts Commission Arts in Education Roster of Approved Artists. Professional organizations include membership with International Food and Wine and Travel Writers Association [IFWTWA]; American Society of Journalists and Authors [ASJA]; Society of Professional Journalists, Editorialphoto.com, and South Carolina Writers Workshop [SCWW]. Visit her web site for further information and writing clips or e-mail her at barbiepc@bellsouth.net.

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