Dearest Readers: To those of you who do not know, Weight Watchers is now called “WW.” If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must know, I am a Weight Watcher, or “WW.” I’m proud to say that! Today was my weekly weigh-in. Like everyone, I dreaded it. I knew it was timeContinue reading “WW, WEIGHT WATCHERS AND CHOCOLATE APHRODISIACS”

The Art of Making Chocolate…

      Shawn Askinosie shares his passion for chocolate beans and the art of making chocolate Photo credit: Barbie Perkins-Cooper, Editorial photojournalist Shawn Askinosie, The Chocolate Maker of Springfield, is Raising the Bar for His Passion in Life as a Chocolatier Stepping inside the aromatic setting of Askinosie Chocolate Factory tempts the taste budsContinue reading “The Art of Making Chocolate…”