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Living Life in the Country As A Writer, Photographer

Hello, new readers:

Today I would like to welcome you to my new blog, a new journal into the heart and soul of what makes me a writer. At the moment, I am working on a deadline, so this post will be brief. For that, I apologize. I am hopeful you will enjoy visiting and reading my stories and will come back frequently. Here you will learn about issues that make me exactly who I am. Perhaps there will be posts about marriage, relationships, friendship, how I have remained married to a Vietnam Veteran who suffers from PTSD and has the tendency to drive me completely out of my mind; and there will be posts about how life is progressing for me and those who are special to my life.

You will learn how I became a writer, and I will add tidbits into the struggles of writers. You will read stories about my precious rescue animals, and how I became an advocate for animals, children, the elderly, veterans, and whatever else I may squeeze onto my plate. Sorry for the cliche, but I must get back to working on my story.

So for now, since I challenged myself to get busy to create this blog, I will say welcome. Let’s enjoy the journey and adventure of life together!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. Jim Davis, Veterans-For-Change says:

    Looking forward to reading anything you write, you’re an awesome writer!

    1. Dear Barbie,
      I find it interesting that we were discussing PTSD in dependents not too long ago shortly after I had my book Welcome Home VIetnam By Col Chuck Sanders published and released. I mentioned that I felt compelled to write a follow=up book called What about me? The long term suffering of the spouses and children of the warriors who suffered with PTSD and their life long pain and suffering without treatment and often without acknowlegement. I am working on that now! I too love to wirte especially isf it is appreciated, so I am taking the liberty of posting a short story below! Let me know if you are okay with this! The story actually applies but I doubt many witll see the correlation!
      Love and Respect,

      Col Chuck Sanders
      Today while shopping at Walmart with my lovely wife Maraia, I was left standing in this isle while she ran through the next three isles. I began to check out what was in this isle when I noticed there were fourteen different types of spam, Fourteen, what ever happened to spam or no spam! As I looked closer there was smoked spam, low sodium spam, chunck spam, single serving spam, spam with tobassco, and a myraid of other types spam. I thought to myself how confusing things had gotten, I even mentioned it to this yourg lady who looked at me like I was some crazy pervert for even mentioning it to her, but I was really amazed, and if she did nhot see the amazement in it, well, that was her loss! Of course she probably had grown up with all these types of spam after all and thought me someone dated for mentioning it. Of course to date someone you need to have some form of reference point, she obviously had none, as I probably retired from the Marines before she was born in 1986.
      I went through this mental game with myself I began to look for the regular spam, Oh! there it was! It was in this obscure corner after all the other types of spam.
      That is when it hit me, no matter how you cover it add to it or dice and cut it, deep down inside it is still spam.
      The truth is I never really wanted to know what spam was since I liked it and that is all I needed to know. Sometimes h,aving too much information can ruin a good thing, sometimes knowing just enough is sufficient.
      It amazes me how we have managed to provide so much information about any one topic that it renders it all useless as the more research we do the more one school of thought contradicts the other. So by the time you invest hours, days, weeks and months in study you find you know less of the truth then when you started! When I went to college and I was working on my d Doctorates desertation I began to realize that although I was studying to be an expert in my fienld I began to have more questions and the best I can say about formalized education is you learn where to locate the information you need for what ever the research you were pursuing. Of course I also learned that we need to narrow our research down to the most approved or accepted hypothises is at the time.
      I also learned if you ask a conutry boy or street person, you may just get the same information you spent a life time seeking only not quite as eloquently put!
      Love and Respect,
      a few

    2. Dearest Barbie,
      Briefly knowing you and your plight in life, I know you hae earned your strips and have my ultimate respect!
      Col, Chuck Sanders

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