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I confess, I’ve been a ‘naughty girl,’ – AGAIN! I’ve kept a secret to myself — only allowing those who are ‘the closest to me’ to know. I made this decision on March 3, 2011. At first, I would join ‘online’ – I didn’t want others to know and I was absolutely mortified about walking into a meeting that required me to weigh. Walking into the shop where Weight Watchers is located, I held my head low. I was afraid to let others see me, afraid they would scan their eyes over to see what I weighed when I plopped on the scales. Much to my surprise, when I weighed, I could not read the numbers. I took a deep breath of relief.

Today was the day — going to the weekly meeting for about the eighth, or perhaps ninth meeting, stepping on the scales, just to see IF there was a loss this week. I am happy to report a 1.2 lb. loss. What? Only 1.2??? Now, I have lost 13.6 pounds! Rejoice!

I confess, I lose weight extremely slowly, but today was a goal I reached, actually, I achieved that last week – just didn’t think about inquiring about a small 5% loss. My first week was ridiculous — 0.6 of a pound. Were they kidding? What’s the point of doing this??? I turned to walk out of the meeting — only to hear a voice inside my head scolding me — telling me to get my butt into the meeting room — and stay! Stay! Stay! Listen to what is being said. Shared. Stay. All of these people were in your shoes at one time!

It’s a good thing I listen to those voices inside my head!!!

Today, I chatted with a group of women I am getting to know thru Weight Watchers. Not bad, considering when I walked in to join, I held my head low and didn’t speak to anyone. Now, I am a Chatty Cathy, ready, willing and able to share my little goals (and slight weight gains) with others. Did you notice I did not say “Failures.” I do not consider a slight weight gain a failure, only another challenge to get moving again!

And so I will continue my goals to achieve the weight loss, and to KEEP IT OFF! Joining Weight Watchers has given me a new outlook on myself, the foods, fruits, vegetables and Power points I consume along with a brand new attitude about life! I am proud that I am losing weight, and I am thrilled that it is beginning to show!!! As I’ve stated in the meetings, this is my commitment to myself. This I do for ME!

Thanks, Weight Watchers for giving me “A new attitude!” This I do for NO ONE, BUT ME!!!!!!!

Now that I am a determined member, I will keep you abreast of my accomplishments and setbacks. This week should’ve been a bad setback — starting on Monday with my husband’s ‘minor surgical procedure’ that turned into his admittance into the hospital and so much stress for me that I thought I wanted to scream. Fortunately, I did not pig out or eat anything that I shouldn’t eat. I remained strong, accomplishing a small weight loss, but one thing I’ve learned from Weight Watchers meetings — a small weight loss is a loss! An accomplishment to seek my dreams, and I definitely am described as a dream seeker, and perhaps other descriptions I will keep only to myself!

Stay tuned on Thursday’s for more details…and if you know me…stay tuned for a dynamic change in my image! After all, I am A W-O-M-A-N! Hear me roar! You just wait!!! I will continue the 5K walks, the exercise and the healthy eating! Hear me ROAR, and ROAR and ROAR. I’m a Woman…W-O-M-A-N!  I’ll say it again…and again… AND AGAIN!

One thought on “Shhhh…It’s a Secret — Weight Watchers Works!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Thank you! I constantly needed to write on my website something like that. Can I include a part of your post to my blog?

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