Failure to Post on Weight Watchers Once Again—

Here I go once again, getting back on the wagon to post on this blog. How I bet it will still give me that ridiculous error, but I will try…

Please don’t think I’m an idiot related to blogs. I am a writer, a travel food and hospitality writer, so I know how to blog and I know how to work a computer. Nevertheless, this blog on Weight Watchers does not appear to like me.

I am back on the band wagon again with Weight Watchers. During my whirlwind trip to Hawaii, I behaved, ate healthy, walked a lot and stayed on track, but when I got back, I missed two more weeks of WW, making me miss four weeks. I almost had withdrawal symptoms.

After four weeks, I did lose — ok, only .4 of a pound. One thing I’ve learned with Weight Watchers, any loss is a loss, so be happy. Don’t worry!

And so, my saga with Weight Watchers continues. I cannot wait until I hit goal, but the last few months have been a yo-yo for me. Losing, then gaining. Then — nothing! Trying my patience and my courage.

When I think about giving up I simply tell myself — hey woman, you are not a quitter. Dont give up. You’ve come too far.

Now, what do you want to bet this blog refuses to post???

Bingo! I was correct! The blog gave me this error — “Your blog cannot be saved at this time. Please try again later!” Weight Watchers — just what is the problem???


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