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Suppose I will write this while my fingernails are seething, along with my ears, head and all that I have. If you could look at me, you might even see smoke escaping from my head. I am so annoyed! So irritated, and oh so — well, let’s don’t go there. I’ll attempt being nice since my diplomatic nature has the tendency to kill with kindness — Julia Sugarbaker Style! If my fingernails were not polished, I’d probably be nibbling them to the bone, and that is not something I like to do.

What? You might be asking? Just what is it that is pushing my buttons…Are you ready — here goes!

While filing bills, etc. I decided to review my credit card bills, noticing two months of charges for two Sirius/XM radios.  I only own one car. Yes, my husband has a Sirius radio too, but his bill is separate from mine and I shouldn’t be charged twice a month for one bill. At least, I thought. Silly me!

So, here’s the story. I phoned Sirius radio to resolve the issues. Big mistake. Really a big mistake!!! When I got a male on the phone who had difficulty with English, I requested to speak to someone in America. Well…that didn’t work…he was overseas and not certain how to get an American. So much for speaking to an American. Understand please, I am all for immigration, but I’m also against outsourcing American jobs overseas and that is why I requested “American.” In America, we need jobs! Reluctantly, I gave up, shared my suspicions…account number…address…last four digits of my account…my home phone number…etc. and on and on. I wanted to ask if he wanted a blood or DNA sample too!

So, on we go, for over one hour to resolve the issues. I bought a new car in March with a three-month free subscription. When I went to cancel my old account with XM Radio to establish my new car and the subscription — well — apparently the party on the other end decided to activate my husband’s Sirius account with mine. We have separate cars…separate accounts…separate credit cards… What is the problem.

On and on I go, like someone trapped on an endless spinning wheel getting no where. My husband’s account didn’t exist… Oh please! Then the real issue was when this imbicle requested to speak to my husband!

I was so angry I walked outside and screamed. My neighbors probably know why…she’s on a roll again! My dogs quickly got out of my way!

To make a long story short, I got nothing from Sirius, with exception of being placed on hold/speaking to someone else/then getting disconnected.

How convenient!

Frustrated, I called the credit card company. Seems it will take about six weeks but I will get a credit issued to my account!  It will be interesting to see if my husband’s Sirius radio is cancelled today, like the customer service reps suggested. I dare them!

Also, I dare them to send me a survey via e-mail. This blog should do the trick to my reading public.

According to the credit card company, they’ve had many complaints about the billing with Sirius Radio. If you have an account, maybe you should review your bills for several months, especially if you have additional people living in your home with cars.

To say the least, I am livid! Seriously considering canceling Sirius Radio!

I inhale. Exhale. I feel better, but I’ll make certain this information is shared with others, including all of my friends. After all, I’ve been told I am not a woman to cross or argue with. I suppose it is my Southern Julia Sugarbaker style! When I see something that is wrong, I stand up and become an advocate.

And now, I shall step of my soapbox and open a bottle of wine! Have a great evening!


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