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Dearest Readers:

Today is a bit humid, compared to the crisp fall air I felt yesterday while walking on the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. Walking with two of my friends, I had just a bit of difficulty walking today, stopping twice to use my inhaler.

I detest when I must use an inhaler; nevertheless, since I am an asthmatic, I must stop when my breathing is difficult. I suppose today was a challenge since the humidity has returned to Charleston. Maybe it was challenging because I still remember the bullying effects of children who laughed at me whenever I had an asthma attack as a child. Sometimes children can be so cruel.

I am an advocate for walking since I have walked for years. As a child, I walked ten miles to school. Walking has never been an issue for me, even with asthma. Walking inspires me. When I walk on the treadmill, I work out the difficulties of writing. If I think of an unusual line or character, I stop the treadmill and jot it down. Walking on the bridge is different. Why? There is a 4.1% incline. Anyone who has attempted the bridge can understand how difficult it might be IF you are not accustomed to walking. I have flat feet. Probably the flattest feet ever! Nevertheless, when I walk, I thrust these flat feet to keep moving. My friends say my ankles turn inward. Don’t ask me. I cannot see them. No, they do not hurt. After all, these are my feet. No one understands them better than I do. And I STILL wear my platform heels, just not on the bridge!

Today while walking on that gorgeous, breathtaking bridge, I logged 22 floors, 69 active minutes, walking 4.95 miles and 9,242 steps. I will meet my goal of 10,000 steps daily today! Walking on the treadmill, my Fitbit One numbers would be something like:
0 floors
40 minutes active (provided the Fitbit counts these activity points on the treadmill). Sometimes it does, other times – it does not.
4 miles (maybe)
6700 steps

Apparently, I’m getting a better workout on the bridge than on the treadmill. Walking on the bridge is a goal I have set for weekly. On the days I do not walk the bridge, I will probably do the treadmill. My goal is to work out five days weekly. Wish me luck!

To those who haven’t walked the bridge, I encourage you to do it, especially if you are planning a trip to Charleston. There is something magical when walking on it. I do not focus on the traffic since I was hit by a car as a child. The view is the greatest view of the Charleston Harbor. Walking on the bridge, I do my best to reach the first tower, and then I stop to rest on the concrete bench. Next goal – the second twin tower. My final goal is to walk the entire bridge down to East Bay Street — just like I did the FIRST TIME I walked the bridge.

Today was a bit of a challenge for me — nevertheless, I did it! Next week, I must remember to use my preventative inhaler before I leave the house. Breathing will be so much easier IF I pay attention to my body and do what I know I should do.

Here’s a toast to continuing walking on this magnificent bridge even with my crazy FLAT FEET.

2 thoughts on “Treadmill vs. Walking the Arthur Ravenel Bridge

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