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Dearest Readers:

Today is a day for me to vent. Why? Simple – I’m aggravated with my Fitbit Charge 2 activity tracker. Earlier, I walked on the pier from 9:20 am until 10:54 am. While walking, I occasionally sit down to rest since I do have Asthma. At times, my breathing gets a bit shallow, so I rest and check my activity points. At first, it noted 4284 steps. Then, it drops to under 2000 steps, with zero activity minutes???

After walking another lap on the pier, I check the infamous Fitbit Charge 2 again. Today, it was doing the same as yesterday. Dropping activity steps and activity minutes.

After completing three laps, a bit winded and much too hot, I chose to head towards the car. Glittery pieces of glitter (since some women do not sweat, we secrete glitter) were falling from my forehead, my hair was a bit ‘glittery’ too and I was just a bit tired. Sliding into the car, I checked Fitbit to see what it was calculating this time. 6487 steps. Arriving home, I checked it again. Approximately 3480 steps???

How can that be? I had the same issue with the Charge 2 yesterday. I reset the Fitbit. I fussed. Maybe I said one or two not so nice words, and then I phoned Fitbit. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Just don’t lose your cool. Be nice! After all, you have glitter on your arms and you need to relax.

I spoke with a nice customer service rep. She attempted to walk me through the process. Following her instructions, my Fitbit had the upper hand, losing more steps.

Why is it my Garmin says I have over 8400 steps and my Fitbit says 3480?

She didn’t know. This Fitbit is possessed. I’m sick of Fitbit. I hate Fitbit, and I’m not one who hates, normally!

She placed me on hold for a moment. Returning to speak with me, she mentioned I will be getting a new Fitbit Charge 2.

I just checked my Fitbit, now it reads 3372 steps? When did America start reducing numbers to be the greatest??? At golf, but not in life!

Until I receive the new Fitbit Charge 2 I think I’ll stick with my Garmin. At least it calculates steps correctly!

Moral of this story — please do your shopping and research to see which activity tracker will work for you. I’m beginning to think my Fitbit is a possessed antique. I’ve only had it maybe a year or two? I’ve forgotten when I bought it! Yes, it is true, technology changes daily. Heck. Maybe now it changes hourly and cannot calculate your activity points correctly.

Now, I must get to work. I’ve got more writing (and primping) to do!

Have a ‘glittery’ day!

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