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From a Facebook of yesterday. You’ve asked: “What’s on my mind???” Here goes: Earlier this week, I made an appointment at JC Penney Hair Salon to have my hair trimmed and shaped at 2pm today, Saturday, November 2, 2019. Fighting traffic on I-26, traffic headed west came to a stop. I fought it all the way to Northwoods Mall. Still don’t know why a police officer with blue lights flashing stopped the traffic. Finally arriving at Penney’s I tell the receptionists (seems there were three on duty at the front desk) I had an appointment with Patty. They gave me a perplexing look. “Patty isn’t here today.”

Years ago – when customer service was good – I would get the decency of a phone call. NOT TODAY!

“Then why couldn’t ONE OF YOU have the decency to call her customers to let them know???”

No one answered me. Their body language said it all!

Think I’m done with getting haircuts at J C Penney Hair Salon. Never will I be treated like that again.

Now, to find a stylist who listens and will only TRIM AND SHAPE my hair along with someone who believes in customer service. Understand. I’m not holding the blame on Patty. The receptionist is to blame. On the phone, when I made the appointment, something told me she lacked customer service skills! Was I EVER RIGHT! I suppose I should mention, I’ve been a customer at that hair salon for over 20 years — BUT — NO MORE!

Oh well. Goodbye, JC Penney Hair Salon!

So much for customer service!

3 thoughts on “Customer Service SUCKS at JC Penney’s Hair Salon

  1. That would be aggravating, indeed. Customer service is almost a lost art.

    Nothings gets me more fired up than an employee not caring about the customer, at all. I went to a local restaurant chain to pick up my carry out food order. I go to the desk and give the young girl my name and pay. She intercoms the back to tell them I’m here for order. An older lady comes out front and says she put my order out there and that she remembers setting it on the shelf. Told girl she must have given it to the wrong person. The young girl acts oblivious to the situation and the older lady goes to back to get a replacement. Young girl just ignores me. Doesn’t say sorry about the mix up or your order will be right out or anything. Just an acknowledgement would have been nice. Thankfully, the older lady comes out with my order and apologizes and was very kind.

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  3. I loved your blog post. Much obliged.

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