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Dearest Readers:

As most of you know, on December 23, 2019 I fell off a three-step ladder, fracturing my back. Last night, I awoke to horrific pain by the L-1. Tossing and turning, I got up, walked around, noticing the rain. We’ve had lots of rain since moving to Ravenel, South Carolina, but in this early morning light, I could relate to the rain along with the pain in my back.

I turned the TV on to the Weather Channel. I must say, I knew there was a storm brewing, although I did not know this storm was considered a tropical storm. Her name is Bertha. Hello Bertha. Welcome to Charleston, SC. Bertha decided to make her presence known in a city famous for hospitality, tourism and culinary cuisine galore.

The Holy City of Charleston is considered a tourist trap, although since the Corona Virus Covid-19 arrived in Charleston, many tourist locations are either closed, or slowly coming back to life and business. The city was crippled due to the virus. No traffic jams. Everyone was supposedly staying-at-home. Shopping centers were closed. Once, we drove downtown just to get an idea what the infamous downtown of Charleston was like. No one walked on the sidewalks. Parking lots were empty. A ghost town! Many of the famous restaurants were closed, due to Corona. A few of these restaurants will not reopen. So sad. I confess, I am a foodie and hated to hear some of the restaurants I’ve written about were now history.

Now, we have Tropical Storm Bertha.

Reportedly, we are expecting a lot of rain. Nothing unusual here! Our pond needs the rain. The shore was getting a bit low, however now, the water is rising!

I will have more details about Tropical Storm Bertha later today. For now, I want to get my hair styled, put makeup on and welcome Tropical Bertha.

Just what we needed now that Charleston, SC is welcoming tourists again. Have a great day. More details about Bertha’s arrival later. As for my back, it still hurts with chronic pain. How I wish I could send a fractured back packing with Bertha.

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