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Dearest Readers:

What’s happening to the Holy City? This morning, I awaken with news alerts on my Iphone. “Charleston Police chief expects more arrests, charges after last nights riots…” WCSC TV5.

Last night was a violent night of unrest, protests, hatred and the “Black Lives Matter,” chants. I get the message. Loud and clear. My question to those who decided violence and looting was the way to go is this — why are you destroying what the USA has worked so hard to keep going during Corona Virus and now the George Floyd situation. Does your violence, anger and hatred really help the cause for Black Lives Matter and racism?

I don’t think so! Yes, I believe you have the right to protest and the first protest in Charleston was peaceful; nevertheless, it turned violent. Destructive. What are you thinking? Did you even know George Floyd?

Now, Charleston is under a 11-7 curfew. Isn’t a curfew so late at night just a bit too late?
Those who looted, threw items and fought are disgraceful. This is the Holy City of Charleston, SC. Not a city filled with hatred and violence. When disturbing things happen to our city we unite. We do not fight. All fighting does is cause more anger, hatred, violence and destruction. Reportedly, several stores downtown were damaged. Broken windows and doors. Looting. And more violence.

I confess, I’ve never attended a protest. I don’t see the significance of crowds gathering to destroy or damage others, including buildings, churches and shops. I don’t understand how protesters can block the Interstate while screaming their chants. Fighting. Shouting. Attacking. What has happened to America? Why can’t we stand up with dignity, not anger?

Regarding the death of George Floyd – while I do believe the police officer should not have placed his knee on his neck, I’ve seen video showing how they had George Floyd handcuffed – with handcuffs behind him. Is there a video showing what happened prior to when he landed on the ground and the police officer chose to place his knee on his neck? Was that necessary? I think not; however, I wasn’t there. I’ve only seen a video, and in case you do not know, video footage can be edited to show a totally different story.

I’m not advocating police cruelty. I feel extreme pain for George Floyd and his family. While they grieve, maybe someone should share with the protesters how violence only creates more anger and hatred. While the chanting of “Black Lives Matter,” is understandable, I would like to say — ALL LIVES MATTER, BLUE LIVES MATTER, and so on, regardless of the color of skin.

I believe the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota will get to the bottom of the story, arrest all who are involved and see that justice is served. American cities are on fire because of the death of George Floyd. I can only imagine what it is like to live in Minneapolis now.

As for George Floyd, it is a sad state of affairs when his death makes him famous. Rest in peace, George Floyd.

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