Friday Reflections…Exhaustion…And How To Cope In A World Of Stress

Dearest Readers: Today is Friday…a day of looking forward to the weekend. As for me, it is another day of exhaustion. Why? Allow me to explain…Undoubtedly, this week has pushed me to the limit, starting with Tuesday. Early Tuesday morning, my husband and I had to be at Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. HubbyContinue reading “Friday Reflections…Exhaustion…And How To Cope In A World Of Stress”

Friday Reflections…

Dearest Readers: I’ve been just a bit quiet for a while, especially with stories about my Weight Watchers journey. Why? Simple…I’m still on the journey…managing to yo-yo back and forth with the same one to two pounds. I feel as if I am rewinding, but I’m not giving up! My body is getting smaller, firmerContinue reading “Friday Reflections…”

No One to Blame But Me — At Weight Watchers

Dearest Readers: I confess, today is my weigh in day at Weight Watchers, only I am not going today. I’ve decided it is in my best interest to remain at home today — moping…groaning…arguing with myself…I’m certain you get the picture, especially IF you are working hard to lose weight. This week hasn’t been aContinue reading “No One to Blame But Me — At Weight Watchers”

Undoubtedly, the Week From Hell…

Dearest Readers: Undoubtedly, this has been the week from Hell for me, starting with my washing machine breaking last week, unable to get customer service from Sears in a timely manner – that is, until the ‘two B’s in my name’ were revealed. Isn’t it shameful that in the United State of America customer serviceContinue reading “Undoubtedly, the Week From Hell…”

This Girl Is On Fire With Weight Watchers…

Dearest Readers: If you are a regular ‘follower’ of my blog, you know today is Thursday – my Weight Watchers weigh-in day and meeting. Every week I do not permit other commitments to interrupt my weight watchers meetings. I am dedicated and determined to beat this weight loss battle and I am convinced with WeightContinue reading “This Girl Is On Fire With Weight Watchers…”

Weight Watchers and “B-L-T’s” — NOT Exactly What You Are Thinking!

Dearest Readers: Yesterday was my normal ‘Weight Watchers Weigh in Day’. The meeting I attend is held in South Carolina, and I feel it is the best meeting with a great group of weight watchers. Together, we compare and share our ups and downs. Our tragedies. Stresses. Triggers. Disappointments. Most of all, our accomplishments. OurContinue reading “Weight Watchers and “B-L-T’s” — NOT Exactly What You Are Thinking!”

Weight Watchers Continues For Me…It’s a Lifestyle Change!

Dearest Readers: It is 2pm on the Eastern coast of the United States of America. My body lacks all forms of energy today from a lack of sleep last night. All Hell broke loose last night in the wee hours of the morning. Hearing thunder, I awoke, rolled over and struggled to drift back toContinue reading “Weight Watchers Continues For Me…It’s a Lifestyle Change!”

Weight Watchers Saga Continues…

Dearest Readers: Today has been a busy, but beautiful day for me. The sun is beaming down baking the city of Charleston, SC. Current temperature is 92 degrees. Yes, a hot day – but oh such a glorious day! This morning started off like normal. Today is my weigh in day at Weight Watchers. IContinue reading “Weight Watchers Saga Continues…”

My Weight Watchers Saga Continues

Dearest Readers: Today is T-minus and counting. My weigh in day at Weight Watchers. For once, I actually slept well last night, managing not to awaken for a length of time until 5:00am. I went back to sleep and didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Most unusual for me! Slowly, I managedContinue reading “My Weight Watchers Saga Continues”

Top 10 Workout Songs for May 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Top 10 Workout Songs for May 2014 Fort Wayne, IN – May 1, 2014 – This month’s top 10 list contains a healthy mix of perennial favorites and relative upstarts. Chart regulars like Shakira and OneRepublic both clock in with their most recent singles. At the same time, Ed Sheeran andContinue reading “Top 10 Workout Songs for May 2014”