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Dearest Readers:

Yesterday was my normal ‘Weight Watchers Weigh in Day’. The meeting I attend is held in South Carolina, and I feel it is the best meeting with a great group of weight watchers. Together, we compare and share our ups and downs. Our tragedies. Stresses. Triggers. Disappointments. Most of all, our accomplishments. Our group meeting consists of a rather sassy group of women. We laugh and make so much noise before the meeting, it is no wonder men do not stay. I suppose we make just a bit too much noise for them. Our leader has to shout a boisterous “Hell-LL-OOO” just to get us moving, quiet and motivated for her speech!

Working as a writer out of my home, I do not have many social activities, with exception of our karaoke night and the events we attend as a couple at the Elks Lodge. One thing I have learned is I do need more social contact and I need to remain active. And that is why Weight Watchers meetings work for me!

Dreading the meeting, I sauntered ever so slowly to the shopping center where the meeting is held. I had a deep conversation with myself, anticipating another weight gain. Arriving, I listened to the energy inside the meeting area. Stripping my jacket off, removing my sparkling rhinestone sandals and the I-phone in my pocket, I found my membership card and got in line. I glanced to the left, where the magic mirror is. This mirror is a full-length mirror that shows how losing 10 pounds makes your body look. I stared at the image in the mirror, still remembering how I looked when joining Weight Watchers. That was 35 pounds, and many, many inches ago! The woman I saw in the ‘magic mirror’ looked differently. Smaller, with a few curves. I inhaled, recognizing that the woman in the mirror was me!

Stepping on the scales, I glanced at the number the receptionist recorded. Our receptionist is extremely talented with keeping either a loss, or a gain, secretive. She smiled at me, handing my card back to me. Reluctantly, I opened it. Another gain. Only .06 of a pound, but still – a gain. I stumbled over to that magic mirror again, smiled and walked away. “Next week, I will lose,” I whispered – to myself. “I am so sick of these gains.”

Today, our subject to discuss was “B-L-T’s.” No, not what you are anticipating! “B-L-T” at Weight Watchers is an acronym for “Bites…Licks…and Tastes,” not a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich!
That got me thinking…How many times this week have I sampled a Bite…Lick…or Taste and failed to count it???

My husband and I eat out every week. I manage to cook in the early week, and I NEVER cook on Friday’s. Would you like to know why? I confess…years ago when we moved to Charleston, my husband was a struggling contractor. Every Friday, after he got paid, he felt – shall I say – generous? On one Friday afternoon, after I was in the kitchen preparing a homemade-from-scratch pot roast, with all of the vegetables and delicious seasonings to make it delicious, he came home from a frustrating day, wanting to know what was for dinner.

When I replied “Pot roast,” his sharp, abrupt response was, “Oh no…I’m not eating that shit tonight!”
My temper wasn’t as controlled then as it is today and before Julia Sugarbaker existed on TV, I was definitely considered a Steel Magnolia, not a Southern Belle. I spun on my heel, glared at him, deciding it was best not to react, but to kill him with kindness. I walked over to the stove, turned the burner off and said, “You know…You are so right…Today after slaving away in the kitchen for the majority of the day…just to have the perfect dinner for you and our son, you are so correct…we deserve a hot meal, not made from my hands and recipes…but a nice HOT meal in a restaurant…so you are correct…we ARE NOT EATING this meal tonight…and effective today, I shall NEVER cook on a Friday again!”

I slipped pot holders on my hands, grabbed the pot roast and threw it in the trash.

I stormed out of the kitchen, ignoring my husband.

With exception of Christmas, I have not cooked on any Friday since that day, and I never will, so dining in Charleston restaurants is something we do every week. And, when dining in these restaurants, it is difficult to count the points with Weight Watchers easily because most of the local restaurants are not listed on the e-tools in my cell phone. Also, sometimes, I have the tendency to nibble – just a BITE, LICK OR TASTE.

I haven’t been counting these B-L-T’s. My mistake!

After having lunch with two of my Weight Watcher buddies, I came home to record my points and to read my weekly reader. I have decided, I must count everything that goes in my mouth this week, and since the meeting, I have. Recognizing that these BLT’s could be sabotaging my success, I am determined next week will be a loss. After all, my new treadmill is working me hard and I am an active, determined and feisty woman.

I suppose I learned a valuable lesson yesterday at the meeting. Those scoops of peanut butter I have been sampling have not been counted. Yesterday, I found myself wanting just a bite of peanut butter. When I considered it would be a bite I would need to count, I turned away from the pantry!

Proud of myself, I recognized how damaging those ‘B-L-T’s’ are for me…and now, I will post a little note on the pantry door, and on the fridge. “CAUTION – B-L-T’s ARE SABOTAGERS!”

Thank you Weight Watchers and my Weight Watcher buddies! Next week, I will share my results. Let us hope I will have success!

And now, Nordy, my NordicTrack awaits!

4 thoughts on “Weight Watchers and “B-L-T’s” — NOT Exactly What You Are Thinking!

  1. Mama Ames says:

    I missed my meeting. Thanks for the update:)

  2. Kiara Lian says:

    I love it when individuals get together and share views. Great website, keep it up!

  3. Marketing says:

    I think this is a real great post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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