This Girl Is On Fire With Weight Watchers…

Dearest Readers:

If you are a regular ‘follower’ of my blog, you know today is Thursday – my Weight Watchers weigh-in day and meeting. Every week I do not permit other commitments to interrupt my weight watchers meetings. I am dedicated and determined to beat this weight loss battle and I am convinced with Weight Watchers, I can achieve this goal. Finally, the scale is moving down.

Why? I think I FINALLY have an answer! Last week at the meeting we discussed the subject matter of “B-L-T’s.” No, not a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, but the Bites, Licks and Tastes that can sabotage losing weight. I listened intensely to our leader Kathy. In fact, I was so ‘intense’ that she asked me why I was so quiet. Simple! The subject matter of BLT struck a nerve with me. Faithfully, I record my entire food intake – that is – with exception of bites, licks and tastes. Ah, they don’t matter, I told myself, so I’ll not count them. Wrong!!!

After Weight Watchers, a bunch of great friends I am slowly making at the meeting went to lunch. Afterwards, I recorded EVERY BITE, managing to convince myself that those nasty little bites I had poisoned myself with were dangerous. When I had the urge to nibble a bite of peanut butter, I told myself no. Instead, I worked out and I drank more water. I was proud of myself. No bites, licks or tastes!

I have a bathroom scale – just a bit too convenient to hop on every morning. It was suggested in a meeting for us not to weigh ourselves at home. I snickered. I don’t weigh myself at home – weekly – but daily. I suppose you could say I am addicted to weight loss and the dreaded bathroom scale. For weeks, I’ve watched my bathroom scale bouncing back and forth. During this week, I noticed a slow progression – DOWN! I think I’m losing. Could it be? Is it possible that bites, licks and tastes were destroying my goal?

This morning, like every morning, I got on the scales, noticing a small weight loss. Humph! Just a bit curious what the Weight Watchers scale will reveal.

Confident that today was a new day. A day for a loss, I arrived at the meeting, removing my scarf, shoes and anything else I could possibly remove, I gathered my membership card and weight loss record, prissing my hips to get in line! Yes, I was confident, so I decided to priss my way to the front!

Silly, I know, but I am slowly becoming proud of this woman I am seeing in that ‘magic’ mirror. You’ve seen it…the mirror that makes you look 10 pounds thinner! I smiled, moving forward in line, I approached the scales.


The scales said I dropped 1.4 pounds this week! I did a happy dance, slipped off the scales and prissed my hips all the way to my chair!

No more B-L-T’s for me. No more peanut butter – just for a little snack, and no more bites, licks, and tastes. Yes, there will be additional weeks where I will gain…stay the same…or simply have a bad week, but this woman is convinced – she can do this! Who cares how long it takes me? No one but me!

Yes, this girl is on fire – especially after this week!


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