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If you are reading this blog, you are probably familiar with my complaints about Sears — trust me, those were legitimate complaints!

Since I have been posting on a blog for a while, and I am a professional writer, I have recognized that even though I might think people do not read this blog, — trust me — they do! Sears has made the attempt to reconcile these complaints via e-mail and a follow-up phone call.

Unfortunately, this is a busy week for me. I lost a dear friend over the week (last Saturday, to be exact) and of course I’ve had the dilemma of Sears failing to deliver my refrigerator TWICE — on time! After a bit of discussion with their reportedly ineffective delivery service, the refrigerator was delivered on Sunday, between the hours of 1:30-3:30pm East coast time. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERED SUNDAY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 7AM-9AM.  The delivery supervisor assured me they would not be late. Guess what — they were late! AGAIN!

I am still awaiting to check my Sears account to see if the $69.00 delivery charge has been credited to my account, and I am STILL WAITING for the $100 gift card that was promised. Funny, it hasn’t arrived in the mail!

You probably can detect I am a woman who expects promises to be kept, so I will not go away quietly!

Now, Sears has phoned me – leaving a message on my phone service last evening with a ‘case number…etc…etc.’

I left a message at 11:03 am, letting them know it might be best to return my call on Monday when I will be home. Today, I have several meetings. Tomorrow I am busy in the morning cooking my Italian spaghetti for the family of my friend, and tomorrow afternoon I will be at her Memorial Service where I will share the eulogy I’ve written and I will sing, “The Rose.”

I have commitments — just like Sears. The only difference is — when I make a commitment, I keep it. Pity Sears does not.

What makes this plot thicken? Only moments ago I received a phone call from Sears. I rushed to my desk to get the phone while collecting my notes, only to hear the voice of another Indian accent encouraging me to purchase a form of credit card protection — from Sears???!!!

PLEASE! My purchases at Sears will be limited from now on. No doubt they will miss me since I’ve bought new tires, clothing, home appliances, gardening tools, lawn mower and so much more. Nevertheless, I am the type of woman who doesn’t appreciate their lack of customer service. Reportedly, they pride themselves in customer service. Hey guys guess what — I worked in customer service for over twenty years, so I know a bit about customer service and my observation about Sears is — you might get a bit of kindness and follow-up to ‘close the sale’ at a store, but getting service and the proper delivery — well, the poor guys with “the flat tire on the truck could not even take a moment to phone to let me know they would be late, or we would need to reschedule!”

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Steel Magnolia Woman Who Knows How to Assert Herself!!!

When Sears and I finally connect, one of my first questions is — just where is the $100 gift card I was promised, and has the delivery charge been credited to my account? Can’t wait to hear their reply!

So, the saga continues with Barbie Perkins-Cooper and Sears — however, I’ve recognized there is power in sharing my experiences in my blog.

The plot continues! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Saga of Sears + The Power of a Blog

  1. DEarest Barbie,
    Several years ago when Sears sold the major portion if not all their catalog sales I quit using them. THey use to take craftsman tools that were broken and replce them, but now they insist on a receipt. Sadly enough my organizational skills are not what they use to be so I do not keep receiupts over three yers old.
    As a child and young adult, Sears cvatalog was our dream book, surely Santa worked there, then late eighties things seemed to change dramatically, yu would order and get the wrong order or not get the order on time.It began to appear as though the service in customer service had deminished and was dying. Then it got to the point where talking to a real person was rare, and I detest talking to machines, it makes me feel insignificant. But then maybe that is just me, I feel I am important enough to have the respect of dealing with real people even though I do understand this is the age of technology.I equally detest having to talk to someone in India or the Phillipines, I am American and Sears id suppose to be an American Company, or is it still?
    I sincerely appreciate your feelings and give em hell!
    You go GIrl! You already had my respect from previous conversations and continue to impress me!
    Love and REspect,

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