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February 11, 2013 was the first anniversary of the world’s loss of a dynamic singer/performer, Whitney Houston. The world still mourns her loss, along with her magnificent voice.

To her family and friends, I wish you peace. Yes, it was heartbreaking to watch her “Homecoming” ceremony. I was one of the many glued to the television and my heart broke when “I Will Always Love You,” was played as she was carried in her casket from the church, to her final resting place.

Words cannot describe how much we miss Whitney. The last of her years were not that good – drug addiction along with the loss of her voice. When she struggled to come back, I cheered her on and was mesmerized by her performance in “Sparkle.”

For me, as a dedicated fan, I cannot understand why so many of our performers grow so attached to the drugs that eventually kill them. Look at the loss of Elvis Presley in 1977 – a victim of prescribed drugs. Since 1977, there have been many losses of our idols. Such a shame.

For Whitney, I wish her well, hoping and praying that she is singing her heart out in Heaven. God had a purpose for her. Although we miss her, perhaps she continues to sing “I Will Always Love You,” for our loved ones in Heaven.

God bless you, Whitney. We “Will Always Love You!”

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