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Today, February 14, 2013 is Valentine’s Day. Reportedly, Valentine’s Day began when ‘a French man by the name of Charles, the Duke of Orleans wrote the first Valentine after he was captured during a battle in 1415.’ There are many beliefs about the importance of Valentine’s Day…how the Romans celebrated a festival on February 15…An additional myth is “Valentine’s Day is based on a belief that birds pick their mates on February 14, especially love birds.” 

For me, Valentine’s Day grew to become a special day for love and appreciation after my husband had heart surgery in February, 1998. When the doctor met with me after my husband’s surgery, I jokingly shared that I was surprised he actually found a heart. “Sometimes he appears to be heartless,” I responded, thanking him for letting me know the prognosis.

My husband’s recovery was short. He simply refused to rest and follow the doctor’s orders. He quit smoking, but he’s gained a significant amount of weight, blaming it on not smoking anymore. The reality is ‘he lives to eat.’

Since 1998, there has been a new appreciation for us at Valentine’s Day. Today is no exception.

If you are reading this, why not take an extra moment in time to let your loved ones know that they are a part of your Valentine’s Day…no matter who they are…no matter where they live, or what they believe…take one moment in time to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Yes, no doubt today you will see lots of red…lots of expensive roses and flowers, cupids, red hearts, candies, love birds, arrows, and all that apply to a Happy Valentine’s Day. Years before his surgery, my husband used excuses for Valentine’s Day. He was ‘too busy,,,he forgot…besides, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, not married people…’ and so on. Funny, in 1998, he began taking the time to get me a card for Valentine’s Day. A nice card…something he actually picked out himself. Perhaps he found a new heart  after his heart surgery!

Regardless who you are, please take a moment today on Valentine’s Day, to let those who are cherished by you, know how much they mean to you.

A simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” will do!

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