A Busy, Busy Week — For A Writer — Insomnia Continues…

Dearest Readers:

Such a busy week, with little time to spare, so this will be a brief posting. Working as a writer, I have many deadlines approaching and will meet all of them; meanwhile, I have a proposal to complete, another story to finish, among the other demands of my life.

People who meet me always appear to be happy to hear that I am a writer. Little do they know what the statement, “I am a writer” means. I start mornings uncluttering a cluttered desk, organizing, or if I am away from my desk, I organize things wherever I might be. Now, if only I could ‘unclutter my mind.’ Today, I watched the dark clouds of midnight or early morning break into another gray, dreary day. I crawled out of bed at 3:45,unable to unclutter my brain. So many thoughts dancing, refusing to allow sleep. After one cup of coffee, I stared out the window, furious that I cannot sleep. There was a velvet-black cloud of darkness in the skies. All I could see were street lights. Nothing more. Insomnia happens to me more than it should and sometimes my head feels so cluttered I wish I could erase it. So far, I do not believe there is ‘an app for that!’ Maybe I should check. On second thought, maybe not!

Just what is a writer? According to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, a ‘writer is one who writes.’ Great definition…Maybe I need a new dictionary, although in all reality, I can Google words now. Nevertheless, I am of the personality type that does not believe EVERYTHING I READ ON THE INTERNET! I suppose this post could be categorized under ‘freewriting.’ After all, I have no notes to revise, no research to review. I am simply attempting to unclutter my brain so I can sleep tonight and write today.

I don’t know if I agree with the definition of ‘a writer is one who writes.’ If that is true, then everyone is a writer, because during the course of our lifetime, we do write. Letters – or do people actually write letters now? I do – although they are not written in my floppy, cursive handwriting. My husband STILL cannot read my writing. “It’s too curly and loopy,” he says. My reply — ‘You’ve been married to me HOW LONG and you STILL cannot read my writing?” MEN!

No offense to those who are men. I LOVE men, and always will, but shouldn’t my husband — the man who has been married to me for ALL OF MY LIFE — wouldn’t you think he could read my writing? Maybe that is why when I write a personal letter to my dearest high school friend, Charlotte, it is typed. I do sign it with a personal closing, but if my handwriting is as ‘curly and loopy’ as my husband says — I say — so be it! I am a writer. A writer — WRITES!

Earlier, I read an article about writer’s platforms. Feeling a bit inspired, I decided I might need to write something on my blog again. Lately, I’ve only written on my blog about once weekly. As a writer, I’ve been negligent with marketing myself, since the demands and deadlines of a writer have dictated what I do, and I’ve allowed the clutter of my desk to discourage me.

Now, I have a new goal I must achieve, starting within two weeks. I must market myself and find an agent. I have seven screenplays, sitting in file cabinets. Years ago, I got discouraged with rejections and quit marketing screenplays for a while. Now, within two weeks, I will begin the search for an agent. Two, if not three, of my screenplays won awards, but I assure you, they cannot get optioned filed in a cabinet.

Looks like I have much to do — now, if only the cobwebs of my brain would close, so I could sleep.

Have a great week, readers. I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts!

5 thoughts on “A Busy, Busy Week — For A Writer — Insomnia Continues…

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