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Dearest Readers:

Today is Wednesday, November 9, 2016. The day after Election Day 2016.

During the campaigns between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump, almost everyone in America was convinced Hillary would win. The news media fed us stories about how the electoral votes would go to Hillary. Imagine their shocked faces last night while listening to the election reports.

I watched the news reports until a bit after 11:00pm. For months, I have prayed that the best party would win. After listening the pros and cons of each candidate, I decided the lesser of the two evils was Donald J. Trump. He is arrogant. Boastful. He lies. He is arrogant…He Lies!

As for Hillary Clinton, I lost respect for her during the Benghazi hearings. Watching her press conferences, I lost additional respect. Why? She lies! SHE LIES…All she can do is LIE!

Did I mention she was accused of using her personal computer to conduct e-mail business on confidential matters? She is a government employee. She should know better, especially since many of those e-mails were confidential. Shame. Shame. Hillary. If she did this, just WHAT will she do if she is elected.

Both candidates are liars, but the ‘lesser of the two evils’ was Donald J. Trump.

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will know I am a feminist! A few months ago, I was leaning towards voting for Hillary. Listing items on a pro and con list, I realized my numbers were now leaning towards Donald J. Trump. I simply could not vote for a woman, just because she is a woman.

News reports came out about Donald J. Trump touching other women. I will not list those reports here because they are not believable, especially since those reports should’ve been reported 20-30 years ago. As a woman, it would not take me that long to charge a man with sexual harassment. I brushed those reports away, still leaning towards Donald J. Trump.

Yesterday was election day, 2016. The people have spoken. While the news media shared election day results, they should’ve had mud on their faces. Previously, the media did its best to convince America Hillary Clinton would be our next president, and she would make history as the “first woman President.”

Surprise! Donald J. Trump is our President Elect. If he is a man of his word, and sometimes that is questionable – I pray he will be the President he spoke about. The President who would make ‘America Great Again.’

After I heard that news at 4:00am, I fell back to sleep, dreaming about Hillary Clinton, of all people. In the dream, she was in a hotel room with Billy Boy. She was shouting at him, beating his chest as tears rushed down from those blinking eyes. In the dream, she blamed him for her losing the election. Someone strapped her in a strait jacket. That is when I awoke, almost feeling sorry for poor little Hillary.

According to news reports she is having a press conference at 9:30am. I can only imagine what she will say this time. Will she blink her eyes like she did at the debates? Will she nod her head and appear a bit confused?

Poor little Hillary.

I simply could not punch my finger by her name yesterday — to vote for her, just because she is a woman.

I believe she was counting on women to support her and vote for her. This one did not. Does that make me less of a feminist???

I think NOT!



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